Take care of the people from w… (Unknown author)

Take care of the people from whom my soul is blooming
Those who have loved you only for what you are.
Through these people on Earth God manifests itself…
Meeting with each of them – a unique gift from God.

The right words at the right time – too behavior.

Religion, like water, may be free, but when it is in the pipes, will have to pay for the pipeline.

Don’t take decisions when you are angry. Don’t make promises when you’re happy.

Everything that happens in our lives – for the better. Sometimes it seems a dead end, did not happen, did not happen, did not materialize. It turns out – not a dead end, and a sharp turn, not the end of life, but the beginning of a new one.

Once you sit down and listen to what your soul wants?
We so often don’t listen to the soul, the habit somewhere slowly.

The severe pain causes are not the enemy, and the one who promised to always be there…

Whoever was found in your path – thank him for his part in your life. Was it the episode or for life – no man comes to the life of another by accident.

Tenderness is the only thing that can bind man to tame the beast.

Never dwell on the bad, because of this, you can miss something good.

The more You will have desires, the more they will come true. The theory of probability. The main desire!

Love a woman for a sin
which issued from Paradise.
Not for the fact that the best
she cooks and washes…
Love a woman in sadness,
which hides from You.
Because next to her weight
problems faster decreases…
Love a woman in mind
which is large and modest.
For children’s fun noise
dawn in the morning in Your house…
Love a woman for the night
which it gives You,
and for your willingness to help,
when You are deadly tired…
Love a woman for flattery,
caressing your ears.
And for the precious gift of heaven –
sarcasm patiently listen.
Like the woman dream
and an intriguing mystery.
Do not humiliate the beauty of reproach,
thrown by accident…
Love in a woman protest
as loves the weak winner.
And just… for being there
you have it – LOVE her…

Even if love you for who you are, never miss an opportunity to become better.

Love is a stimulus to life, its meaning, its content. Without love you lose the taste of life, taste and desires, a taste of passion. To love is easy and difficult, bitter, and sweet. But so necessary!

A real man will teach the woma… (Unknown author)

A real man will teach the woman to rely on herself.

We are real only with people we trust.

Life is really beautiful when you start to notice it.

A new life starts unexpectedly. Not Monday and not with the New year. She just starts.

Take care of each other, now is the time that it is very difficult to find something really worthwhile now. A we because of his stupid pride at the slightest mistake, immediately abandon his happiness. You need to learn to forgive, appreciate what you have!

A silent hug is equivalent to a thousand words to an unhappy heart.

Age never interferes, usually disturbing thought: “what others say”.

Appreciate those people who notice you, not only when they need something, and then when you just have.

If yesterday was lost due to some error, we don’t lose today, thinking about it.

You’re a good?!- this is good, this is very useful in life… …Just not for you and others.

The more we are preoccupied, the less leave it for the feel of Life…

If anything, there was the man – he will always be perfect if it favorite.

One person. One phrase. And the whole mood.

Lord, how strange you have placed people on this Earth. Soul close, and the fate of the Daleks.

Time is priceless. Think about what you spend.

Have you ever thought about a person only because the song played?

No one can me anything to blame. I don’t owe anyone anything, except their parents, who gave me life. For the rest, I can be what you think is right, or not be at all. This is my life.

Sometimes you want to be a child, because only now I understand that broken knees heal faster than broken heart…

In the struggle with emotional pain, music is my morphine.

— Tell me honestly, what do you have for me?
— Patience. Enormous patience.

I hate this state, even tears are not coming, you just eats something, inside.

It happens when I sit in silence, looking at this man and pretend that it is still and the heart beats from the inside.

Never too late to learn… the hardest items for us is the science of forgiveness and the theory of forgetting… Only by understanding them, we finally have some peace…

Life is good, if brandy which … (Unknown author)

Life is good, if brandy which we drink, older women with whom we sleep.

Before you think badly, think about this.

Any thing in the world, if you want, you can buy and give. The only priceless gift that is not dusty, will not break, will not pass into other hands — it is our attention to the close people and friends.

Carefully guard within yourself that treasure — kindness. Learn how to give without hesitation, lose without regret, purchase without avarice

Found Happiness — don’t try to educate, not saw, not scold, and love, love, love and treasure!

Every morning, we choose our mood themselves, as well as clothes. Dressed in happiness, it is always in fashion.

People are like wine – if they become better, then they are of very high quality.

A great man is one who has not lost his child’s heart.

The main thing – to believe in yourself. The opinions of others is changing daily.

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.

I decided that today I have a wonderful day! Why am I so decided, I haven’t decided yet…

For the great happiness sometimes need only one small detail

Sadness — the true experience of value. If you don’t know sadness in your life there was nothing of value.

No time changes people and circumstances passed during this time.

Poor not someone who has little, but he to whom little is.

Give each other warmth and smiles. Forgive the offences, the mistakes of others. The smile is all-powerful and rewards. Just smile and you will be happy.

There is no perfect life, but there are perfect moments.

People like pencils – each draws life for himself… Just someone broken, someone tupit, and someone to sharpen and portrays life on…

Very many people all week waiting for Friday, the whole month of holiday, all year summer, and a lifetime of happiness.

Only satellites do not betray their planets… Everything else is vague and relative.

two feelings save us in life —
love and humor. if you have one
two, you are a happy man! if
you have both — you are invincible!

To take the hand of a person like a habitual gesture, but for some reason it makes everything inside the roll.

Desire created in order to come true.

A real man is a woman happy!
The rest – strong…

— Do you have a purpose in lif… (Unknown author)

— Do you have a purpose in life? At least some?
You know, I would like to come home and get out his keys. I just want to call to your door… and opened it.

Happiness in your life as much as you’re willing to notice it!

Learn how to treat the problem as the soap bubble — like and let her burst.

To get into an awkward situation, sometimes it is enough to say something intelligent.

The world belongs to those who pleased him.

Sometimes, no matter what kind of dance you dance…
Much more important with whom you do it!

Everything goes on as usual. Do not hurry, be calm: life wiser than we are.

I like it when a man says “went to sleep”, although we are separated by miles.

Before to leave and never return,
The last time you check yourself.
It is better to forget, forgive and smile,
Than to slam before the happiness of the door.

There are 2 kinds of love:
I wish she was mine, and I want her to be happy.

It is not necessary to shout to everyone that you’re happy, it is necessary to say a little thanks to the one who gives you this happiness.

Sometimes people hurt others to numb their own.

It is always nice when a hug from mom no matter how old you are.

Don’t wait when you finish the Institute, when the kids are born.Stop waiting, when will start to work when you retire when you marry, get divorced. Don’t wait for Friday evening, Sunday morning, purchase of a new machine, new apartment. Don’t wait for spring, summer, autumn, winter. Moments of happiness – precious, is not the destination, but the journey itself. Work – not only for the money, love – not in anticipation of parting. Dance, ignoring the looks. The worst mistake you can make is whole life to pursue goals, not noticing how past you and runs your life.

Wet souls in the rain, to stop fate. Happiness is a five minute walk, and we sometimes half of my life waiting.

Don’t lose people, at least in the world a lot of them,
Because then those who want to be in the crowd to find!
And meaningless in life either way,
If you single-handedly decided to go.

If strangling anguish and the lumen is not visible…
You do not believe that life consists of losses.
If asked to leave and painfully sad,
Anyway, don’t slam the door.

In this world is not as we would like, just.
In the life of the sun, sometimes not more than ice!
It is only necessary to be able not to lose this island…
Where a fire is lit for you always.

It is necessary to fight alway… (Unknown author)

It is necessary to fight always. Always. Even with himself. To fight clenching his fists, choking on tears, smiling through force. We must strive for what you want, what you might call a dream or goal. To the end. Always.

We will never become strangers… Just each of us lives his life.

The happy couple live under the motto: “every person has dignity, which is to forgive his shortcomings.”

Man in life should never complain about two things: his wife and at the car he chose.

I wonder how the world works. Say “thank you” you say “thank you” to you. Smile you — smile on you. All good starts with you.

Relationships are like a ship. If you do not withstand a small storm, it makes no sense to sail in the open sea.

All that we send into the lives of others — returned to our own. I want to wish each of you a modicum of heat, which would warm you every minute, no matter what.

You should see the difference between those who speaks to you in their free time and those who frees up time to talk with you.

Even if the whole world is against my men, I will quietly standing behind him, and feeding him ammo!

Only in solitude do you pick yourself up, gather all my thoughts in order, and make brilliant things.

Even one thread can hold people together, if everyone stops to pull the rope to his side.

Best of all – to achieve their goals. Then grinning look down on those who didn’t believe in you.

All we are to each other – fellow travelers! Just someone destined all the way to go along, and someone just to the fork.

To be afraid, but go forward! Even through the pain, not to retreat.The only way is reached skill!

Learn to live. Not just to exist but to live. Enjoy every moment, to notice every detail. Don’t be callous, Wake up, open up to life, inhale it deeply and then you feel happy.

There are no people good and bad. There are wrongly chosen distance.

Gold is not what shines, and what runs around the house, eat cereal and make a mess.

Everything that exists in the world, was once just a dream!

Tiny good deed is better than the most solemn promises to do the impossible.

Never worry about the past! If it was good then that’s great! But if it was bad, it’s experience!

Never follow a man! Take care … (Unknown author)

Never follow a man! Take care of yourself — and then the man will follow you!

Happiness is not necessary to search – they need to be.

Sometimes it is enough 15 minutes of communication with a good man that wanted to live.

If You do not like everything You harder to use.

People can not repeat the same mistake twice. The second time – it is not a mistake. It is a choice.

Everything in life is temporary. So if all goes well, enjoy — forever it will last. But if it all goes wrong — don’t worry, it’s not going to last forever.

Life is like a photography. It turns out better when you smile!

The more money the more problems.
But this does not mean that if You have a lot of problems,then You have a lot of money!

Don’t give up, you can’t see the whole picture, which paints God..

A beautiful person is one who goes beautifully with the other person.

Discovering the girl highlight — make sure, may be it’s just a cockroach.

Favorite feel soul.
Did not meet them in my life twice.
They just have a good time together
And the distance doesn’t matter.

A happy man cannot be hurt, it can only laugh.

Sometimes, losing something, you begin to see what is not seen is not yet lost!

We ourselves draw your world. Never tell me it’s bad, because words like pungent ink eats into the pages of the book.
Believe me, You are all well:)

Take care of the keys to happiness! The duplicate will not be! But happiness can slam the door and leave;..

Whenever on a holiday to have something to wish for, I wish desires. Because the more you live, the less you have desires in this life. And without them no purpose. And without a purpose makes no sense. And without meaning there is no energy to live this life to the end and honestly.

Step people through the sadness.
You smiled, it’s okay.
Often laugh, enjoy and let
Smile will be morning exercises!

Strong not looking for a replacement for the man who was dear to them, and look straight into the hole, which was formed after his departure. Weak in that void trying to push anyone, just to create the illusion that their lives are no empty spaces.

Don’t look for light – Shine.
Don’t look for heat – hug.
Don’t look for love – love.

To start over is impossible, but starting over completely.

Do what makes you feel happy… (Unknown author)

Do what makes you feel happy. Be with those who makes you smile. Laugh, love while you live. Don’t think about time, do not listen to the opinions of others, and not think about what may be later. Then it may not be.

Unfortunately, in most cases, marriage is a transition from love to awe the hassle.

In fact, all we want is to be needed by someone.

No laziness, no self – pity!

The treasures of the world go to those who know how to see them. It is not enough just to watch — a must see..

How I want you not to lose
To look into your eyes and enjoy.
In this case, dying to understand
That we with you could meet.

There is a saying: “getting smarter With smart, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer.” In communication we exchange energies. So try to communicate only with those people who have something to teach communication that uplifts you and those who think you a role model. Then you yourself will become much more interesting. This is a natural process! Try to find an ally, a friend, and then find your way to the heights will be twice as shorter.

No one will support you in difficult times as anyone.

Each day start with a victory! Over my laziness, over their fears! Ahead of a wonderful life!

Nothing in this life is not easy. To reach your goals you must make certain sacrifices — to spend their energy, time, limit yourself to anything.

Sometimes you want to say something important, and I think – wait. And then you realize, perhaps, say nothing, and do not need. Every word and feeling have their time.

With the right man everything will be just fine, everything will happen by itself, without hysterics and removal of the brain. Relations should bring comfort.

Enjoy your life, laugh with happiness, smiles do not hide in spite of all the misfortunes. Live, love, madly and passionately. Do not rush sad – because life is so beautiful!!!

In any business the most important thing is to start. Remember: no one has been able to succeed planning!

Work is a place where to eat lunch, after lunch to sleep, and all the time the feeling that you’re underpaid.

Life is not where a lot of cars and money.
There is life where people who genuinely love you and really looking forward to.

When you are precious person, … (Unknown author)

When you are precious person, he will answer you, even at that message, which in fact have nothing to say.

Most conflicts between people happens for one simple reason. We fantasize a lot about what is good understand each other, and we speak a little, in order to really each other to understand…

Minus the loneliness that after a time begin to enjoy it. And just not let anyone in his life.

It will test your patience. And if you survive — will be the cause of your happiness.

According to Vedic knowledge, one must discuss something that will bring happiness. We discuss the shortcomings of their children, discussing the shortcomings of her husband, but it does not increase the amount of happiness, but reduces it.

Life is three days: yesterday, today and tomorrow. Yesterday has passed and you never changed, tomorrow has not yet come and may not come. So try today to act with dignity in order to feel better.

In life as in Boxing, it’s not how hard you apply the strokes and what is the force of the punch you can handle.

If I could meet God, I would thank him because he gave me such a mother.

If something is wrong, look at the situation from the other side.

The woman is a flower. And man is the gardener. The gardener nurtures and raises a flower. Flower in turn thanks him, giving him their tenderness and beauty. The thoughtful gardener the most beautiful flower.

Many times I heard the phrase: life is simple!. Just love each other, just to call when bored, just to Wake up with someone you love… If it’s so easy… Then why the hell is everything so complicated!

Do not listen, have an opinion, his head, his thoughts and ideas, plans to life. Never chase after anybody. Go your way and no matter what they say behind my back. Said, say and will always say. You should not worry about it. Love. Do. Dream and smile more often.

The most important thing in a relationship — the desire of both sides to keep them against all odds.

When we surround ourselves with good people and good thoughts – life begins to change for the better.

We are all strong until we find his weakness…

Entering twice into the same water, don’t forget about what made you to come out for the first time!

Don’t limit a child… (Unknown author)

Don’t limit a child… don’t cut his wings! Let him choose his own way!!! You know, spreading his wings once he will not let your down.

Take care of each other. Don’t break what others can’t even build.

If you replace the word “problem” with the word “adventure”, then life becomes much more interesting.

Real men never resent women. They are just waiting for them to calm down and continue to love them further.

Any girl becomes chic when her man, who knows how to light her eyes and decorate her life.

Tears are words from the heart that are impossible to pronounce.

Freedom is nice, but to have a man that cares about you and care about you is much nicer.

Today is pleased… just like that. Why? I don’t know. But life is beautiful is a fact! A fact I love.

Whatever happens, whatever the age, a man should remain a man. To take the first step. To fight. Responsible for the words.
All in the hands of men. Because a real man always and you will achieve.

Don’t believe when you say that there is no chance. There is a chance. Always.

Woke up and think…God grant me… And stopped… what to ask Him?… Family I have… Friends there… I hear and see… I eat and drink… love Me and I love… what I need?… That’s what… Oh, God, thanks for everything

Everyone has people-exceptions…for them you are available any time of the day with them…every minute is more valuable than every word.

A person can wait indefinitely. He only needs to know that not in vain.

Often, finding what you are looking for, we pass by only because they used to seek and not find.

Optimism is like electricity: everything cons – in the past, the pros – in the future, and in this joyful strain.

Look into the eyes of your fear and make it your friend.

Material values are not constant, today you Chevrolet, Maserati tomorrow, and after tomorrow on the bus.
It is important to cherish those people who have gone through all this with you was next, which gave support and incentive not to despair.

Don’t need to be right, you have to be real.

Only by understanding black life, you begin to appreciate grey!

Sometimes you need a failure in the system and step by touch in the dark
And sometimes, to be wrong to finally understand who those.

You can go thousands of miles … (Unknown author)

You can go thousands of miles to read a lot of books, to hear countless words, and not find what you need. And you can stop searching, to stop and listen… to Your Heart…
Hearing him, to find everything I was looking for, in your own breath…

The worst trait that exists in all people is to forget all the good things after one bad one.

The pain sometimes is easy, we treat –
Smart tips and wise give.
But its a treat we have nothing.
But we’re proud to name.

Know how bad when you want to see, and the miles you share. And you think about a person morning, noon and night, hope he is also very bored.

A native is someone that you can talk for hours, even when to say that and about. Native – someone nice even just to be quiet. Native – the one whose pain hurts you own.

When the world says give up, hope whispers Try one more time.

Some people don’t hear what you say, and some hear what you think.

Priznachennya shoes give the face a very philosophical expression.

In every day there is something beautiful and magical. But it should be able to notice.

I will never beg people to come back,Yes, I’ll miss you, I will miss these people,but the choice they made…

Listen to the silence… She sometimes can spill the beans about something important.

Man can, if he believes his beloved woman.

It is very important to find someone who looks at this world the same as you.

Only fall I want to drink warm tea and fall in love with a new book… Only in autumn you can miss not existing, incredibly, not the incident…

People are weird: having — do not appreciate; till it’s gone and I miss her; finding again enjoyed as children. And then again forget about the most important — about the feelings they felt in separation.

No matter who you are outside; it’s who you are inside!

The most important things in the world are not things.

Wisdom — if time will let it pass,
Do not answer rudeness to rudeness,
If I hurt you still forgive
And offense, and someone else’s stupidity.

In order not to lose — you just need to appreciate.

Common man thinking of how to spend time. An intelligent person thinks about how to use it.

When man ceases to believe in himself, he begins to believe in luck.