Hysterical laughter giving neg… (Sergey Fedorov)

Hysterical laughter giving negative

To keep up don’t step When constantly straying over the imaginary foot,Hoof or paw hides

Everyone has their own nonsense

Tomato juice 2продолжение quotes #450658Вам like tomato juice?Once asked anonymously And has become a popular answer: – Love it for vitamins Suddenly, someone proudly said: In the pharmacy of vitamins a cart!And for love there are good reasons,In his name lies in my name –You, Tom? You, woman! Then, of course, Sorry! Here’s how! You, like salt,Which resembles the sea it is spring gives us light,And so lovely sprig of Mimosa –Not at all! It is dominant color,that my favorite roses-For the romantic, You, thank,Now, because everyone knows:Tomato juice gives health for all,And your name, it only strengthens :-)))

In dealing with the storm used earth approach

Though, sometimes I believe in the Mirage, but for me, and there will be door

MALE FRIENDSHIP. Husband comes home in the morning, the wife asks:Where have you been?” “he spent the night”. She calls 10 of his friends. At 6 he slept. Have 4 more sleeps))))the safest option: -let me check -calls from another cell phone to her husband, convinced that he’s home and says:-That the Englishman, as always, left without saying goodbye!)))

Cat Apothecary loved at night to treat mice with vitamins

To see how YOU beautiful you don’t need to look in the mirror You just look in my eyes I look in the mirror I see only YOU

Skill, beautiful to drink beer, is not given to everyone)))

On the lips of the beloved favorite name always sounds tastier sweeter than a smooth transition in the air the melody of the comments with Tatiana(Ariell)

In case of accidental fall, it is not always possible to choose a landing site, and only our BODY, taking care of us, in most cases, targeting a soft spot. Therefore, try to remember HIS only words of gratitude )

When he tried to find out something, it was dull beyond recognition

Pearl thought can become a necklace if she will appreciate

It’s easier not to smoke than not to love.

Codopesca spring spring beat all of us. People knew that she was alive and like everything needs to be warm -Should help the spring – they decided and went out brought Some warm clothes and threw her on the ground, the other was holding a Cup of hot tea and coffee, and someone just gave her a smile the Air gradually warmed snow began to melt, the sun, attracted by the crowd of people, looked out from behind the clouds began to appear snowdrops -we did it!-happy people, they are so jubilant that many dry throat and when they brought the Cup to her lips, they turned to the smell of fresh birch juice

Your love of rainbows woven,An… (Sergey Fedorov)

Your love of rainbows woven,And the wings too,And the sadness let it be crumpled Your smile the place is here …and fade gold bars in the sunshine of a bright smile…)

To be able to,need to get smarter…

Remove your boot from our I

Suddenly, winter came For her, it was a huge shock judging by the night frosts, memory is gradually restored

If everything is fast, it’s not interesting when everything quickly, we miss the most interesting

Eyes see everything, but can not say, only smiling slightly)))

After each of asphalting of roads,the sea level is below…

Tanya your ball Mache gave the bear then take)))

Celestial ocean is beautiful and powerful, again I hear his menacing rumble.Raging storm, when from the abyss of clouds,To the ground seeking its fiery rays

From the root language, you can extract the contents of the stomach…

Where thin,there is not all laughs…

— You like everyone to say “NO” ?— Yes You told anyone “YES?” No I do not remember

The soul is the inner rim world,but not the place of his departure…

Somedays everywhere,will be easier to live together…where two are all appropriate…

Tastes different perception of the world, and to decide, you need to try, if possible, all

The mirror dims if you look in a bad mood

because of comments from lisistrataБулавку to tie in the jewelry I have chosen,But without it,she is so not relevant.All day shopping with you, I sweated it out And now I have it,I earned it honestly!)

Paranormal It is normal and it is normal When a pair of small, like not normal,And asked:-You, the couple to add? Answer a couple:-a Couple is normal!

All day to us from the sky the snow flew,He was in such a hurry that sweating And now lifeless body,the Light on it, slipping, running

Do not measure someone else’s hands,don’t believe your eyes zaviduschie…When all know themselves,Then you will understand that better…

Dreams come true to those who think nothing of them

What for you is the Navigator? Says the neighbor at the cottage catch a break as a tractor To a drawn luck What for you the Navigator? If you still drink everywhere, roaring like a tractor On your autopilot

Head…at all and…what I was thinking GP…allowing the hands…to use it…now let the rap…legs to help her…

Tomato juice starts with the s… (Sergey Fedorov)

Tomato juice starts with the sill

If you do not pass that others cannot see, then you like to walk

Today from the zoo crocodile flew! — How did you go???— Donated helicopter

Santa Claus is generous to a degree, if he is tipsy )

Not all wells are the same as the cover on them…

Never look at people askance…so, people won’t have to squint on you…

So when the air is fresh and clean, the land they just don’t inhale

– Cry,you will feel better… If I do the laugh for the night,then can’t sleep…

When a person sees a shooting star he was happy that the heavens heard his wish And if after the story about what he saw at home all too happy so he got his wish

If it was,Then one of two things…the Past mellifluous Than what just has gone…

Take care of Sebei will be all right Useful do not refuse the food,Because everything that grew in the garden,will Help to stay on the ground But if you women are susceptible,make Friends with the fat, the Lord Let him and freezing toes,But almost always on a horse )

People will not be able to be a survivor,if all striving to survive,will try to survive…all at the same time he will be able to gradually turn into a relic of the past…

Interesting sequence: “loose stools” — “liquid soap” — “liquid nails”

Happy doctor veterinary,Fun Smith sings Because dolgozhdannye hoof already has On the table a bucket of oats,Bridle, and saddle soap To good luck clean the strip With a horse, garcua, the house included

It happens that the lie is Capable to create miracles, And how will you know the truth I Can about life to forget

– Why,when you call at night, ill-wishers,you remove the cell phone under the blanket? … Just before you send them to the black list,I gradually accustom to it…

Electro-fishing pole…killing without warning…electrical networks…always warn…

She…couldn’t stand him…with a portable sense…believing…that he is…just full of shit…

-She eats their own kind…-Is a cannibal ?! …-Sweet tooth!

I saw starlight,shone It around again And it is no secret that their Mechtild was a meteor shower She forgot about eating That cold when it was given And had video warm as He berth He said to her:-Fulfill my whim Fly, spin, Shine,But just don’t fall down,And the sun in the sky help ) Bouquet of tulips on stolev your favorite vase,Singing grasshopper in the midst of the grass I see circling In the sky butterfly angel smiles to You )))comments to the quotes Ariell

Don’t stop your watch ahead of… (Sergey Fedorov)

Don’t stop your watch ahead of time, don’t make them rush

Laugh out loud with yourself useful, and not about yourself

Flies in the fertilizer alone

Sea salt in the water kipasa,will Raise a storm in the pot, And scream real potatoes: Help!!!Rather doverite and save!!! )

If in the morning you dream that you are turning the bike, so the neighbors got up early you)))

Friction is a way to create a microclimate in the relationship,and not freezing…

There are surprises, which are already and not before the sickle

Fear of men black pussy,Sorry, a black cat So sad in podpisaniem unoccupied void

The gastritis,Egon pulls out,And because onyour drinks )

Legs feed the wolf:Deer, calf, And sheep in the year of famine happens,as a human

Smile–companion health, happiness and longevity!)

To get pulchella for sure,And the sex of the worm can specify both Need the hands of a fisherman,And his teeth certainly )

Drinks black ink, and the boyars — tincture of hawthorn

The deeper meaning is how much? To the throat or to the knee? Sometimes it depends on growth,And places where comes the dilemma

For the optimist, PI Dec–this is the end for pesimista –the end of the world

We have always been practically, although not theoretically could

The snow was similar to dough,but the ice melts And the river novine enough space On the shore let’s take a walk

– Who is howling at such a late hour ? –It is our neighbor uncle “Stapleton,” he’s already the second week releases his dog from a drunken swamp

From a pinch of humor to the ridiculous tickling hand

In the nature of bath again day,cherry foam drowning puddles the Night-veil fell a shadow,Eating fresh Nightingale dinner

February-it is bordering on spring, slightly melted, the winter month

The cat should not take the arm and armpit

The people’s faith in you does not depend on who you believe

The family feat is hour moved alone wardrobe

Do not spit on the porch in the cold instead of be well hospital

For your kindness, always quick to get used to it,Because others are comfortable with it, everyone knows it But a sensitive soul can not give change,When doing good to those who skillfully hides the poison

To start of the New year did not start well in advance of shocking the congratulations associated with his arrival

Unclaimed uniqueness can go in… (Sergey Fedorov)

Unclaimed uniqueness can go into unikalnost, then they are claimed additional jetting and washing all around

Really your only Where you are going Prevnet, then know That you can eat if this will gosniimash no accident In the swamp, do not go,There will be no bridge

They say not to worry, okay I can live with that

Imitating someone, don’t forget about his personality at this point, anyone can imitate you

Not Tamerza in its given,is not the time to close a Pearly sheen sparkled In the sky stars are yours,Autumn waltz spun

Surprise can surprise whim

from the comments from two AriellМежду tat inspiration drunk,All wishes come true double-to Sober up for fear, smiling there,And for some reason they hesitate )))and Tatiana Pashkova…

After the departure of swallows, the machines glowed in anticipation of wealth

Happiness is one of the main festivals of life and man himself has the right to decide when to celebrate it

Take mine as a gift, a comment,Believe me, selflessly write I’m just tired of the herbarium,of Which I am one breathe

If someone sees your white pearl black, get a black mark

If in real life the interlocutor embarrassing, in a network it can catch

Is just not just for toast toast, as a snack toast

I love how you coached

The wind of happiness causes tears of joy

My six year old son asks: – Dad, I remember how we sea I saw a jellyfish –of Course I remember you, I think she saw us?–I think not because her bottom muzzle Then after thinking a little he adds:–If she did, it was only our feet

— What love? — For everything — Thank you!— Not for that

But for her protection whether,In the light tell her the way of the Lord, asking for support to be,Her happiness present to give his Beloved to be with love to live

That the coming year brings to us,a Mountain of shoes, and maybe put a Rather positive a mouth full When you are full, it is still what shod

Pre-action: Everyone who buys gift set wash “Fantasy” (a hair-dryer

“Smoke on the water” she playe… (Sergey Fedorov)

“Smoke on the water” she played When she smoked in the bath And hedgehog in the fog calling For the same, only in the bath

Everyone knows that cancers is also winter, but where is this place, nobody knows. And only awakened during hibernation the bear can unmistakably you, to show it)))

Kiss hot in the summer sun Without suntan oil From the back — fried

If the flies learn to write, they will immediately see a rival crowd of supporters

The aroma of obmenucache apples from her garden!I, “without a bucket”,Tonight will come And will be apples those Juice to be poured And the wings of the nose,Lifting to reveal )

In most cases, people say the words that they hear often in life, and send back to where we’ve been

The waxing moon is the emoticon of the sun)))

The rolling pin is a two-handed sword in the hands of militant stunning it women…a Nervous shock,sobering up,a slight concussion – that’s the result of its stunning applications…

If you hit yourself with a hammer on a finger, never despair, you have nine more healthy )))

Your irresistible laughter echo

Delicious, can be from the heart to say a word, having tasted that, so I want to ask for a Supplement

Had the hut to ourselves vozgoraniy managed whenever you smoked the men in the bed to Sit on a horse in the heat is not afraid,If save, what is there to strain

He was allergena speech-like sounds, Scratching the feet, Kolachi everything that came to hand

Stabbing your knees do not know how but the acceleration to give can sometimes

About the drop of nicotine the horses don’t know They are passive smokers are people that our Ministry of health does not prohibit Smoking for the sake of horse health horse health can not buy…

Matryoshka deceived Pinocchio’s nose it pulled playfully And gradually began to open up,Forcing his eyes admiringly run of Oh! Wooden matreshka soul!So many faces! he said a little breathless

Knitted thoughts to warm the soul, loose the confusion lay

With the world on a string-naked gentleman shirt and tie

The last kiss is the last touch to the outgoing soul

When totemy’t hear the toast, the celebration continues

I’m just a drop in your sea,For a moment uspenivka it Today calm with the storm in the quarrel,And tomorrow on the sand And nothing more Let the pain and sadness will drown in the sea,And the rest cleansed soul You’re not one for living space,There are a number of happiness,And it should breathe! Live,love,breathe!)

I don’t even have to look at t… (Sergey Fedorov)

I don’t even have to look at the sky to see YOU…

– Yesterday there was selling tea,Where does it go? .. I just bought by chance,For weight loss like prescribed…Tea large mountain litovkina the entire label will not fit..And the letter d had only one,the Excitement from this rose…

From the status of schoolmates:the Main problem with quotes on the Internet is that once people believe in their authenticity. V. I. Linkomanija:Almost every town has a library named after V. I. Lenin;come down and ask MSS Lenin…and where is the guarantee that there just believe in the authenticity of your words…

I just get the couldn time enjoy the drink…You’re my hunger and my thirst,I Want,I little twice.

In America found the Ukraine-Belarusian town,so close on the pronunciation of Chicago…)

Tired of living in a cage,stand on it and you’ll figure what – the choice is yours…

He thought the generator there,But it was…a nuclear reactor…emission with other goes,Soul decay from year to year…

You think enemies are around,On edge constantly go…And day after day on the wrong foot,a life lead by the nose…

Forest paint my rokitnoe sweetness drove…the Tune gave me the forest sounds,When the boy I his gifts were treated to…

Dug another pit gives a chance to ever see the stars…

I don’t need your grenades,Hardened throughout aplomb…has Long been heated flask Into which poured you a lemonade…

I thought the bird blue one,with the two never met…

From mittens Isadora comes up…No,not at all crowded,Nature warms And the rain blind playing In the sun laughing… It meets me, I will without a sun…Through rainbow pass,and Embrace again the happiness…And aromatic midomi will enjoy…

We accept for the love of love and of passion can all of it to burn

Between the stars, a comet flew over,One was blind And the other instantly divined that the Comet has long been in flight,Here, only, the stars each have drugana in high esteem

If the therapist becomes leader, he’ll lose his job

Peace-daty — peace quiet drinker drinker )

All managed it — for the better

Thank You, for Me,gave Myself to You…

To communicate with you was not cloyingly sweet, ask the interviewee a box of assorted

To permanently fix a smile–yo… (Sergey Fedorov)

To permanently fix a smile–you will need two clothespins )

About life you can write a lot, but the indescribable feeling of life review quote #499526

I’m always happy to see you especially when you don’t know me

The woman adorns any color, and favorite – twice

After the wide dissemination of calculator, multiplication table was completely conquered

Unique—not repeated and forgotten

Non-drinker feel sick drinkers who are drinking for their health

Sugarcontaining did you ever in the newspaper But will not make the candy no One notice And how to remember resort

To transport you noticed enough to eat clove of garlic

Today is a holiday reiterated,Let the rights of deprived, nothing, rush to the website on a normal day he’s just Dr. Jekyll,Well, today, look — Mr. Hyde

He always drove, only the tram On instinct controller expert Among the “rabbits” he was told to Mazaev,to save Them, and he was gone

The permit a question the answer to which is already known looks humane

Among a dozen of people every second are not the timid

Blind kindness sees everything

Who taught You to love?Who showed how to laugh?You do not even need to be near,to feel like you want to stay comment on the quote #521072

– What,you think in the road?- About Henry…- the Road that we choose ? … On the Ford… and why I chose it…

Optical mouse have made friends with Sunny Bunny

She could return at any time to Wake up,he could write it all… seen it…

The whole soul is like the notebook in the box,On the fields annotations of time…feels Like a tree branch,it… everything was measured…

Sun cloud cast Shadow on the run catches…No living water,as in a fairy tale,Life is closed…

The dog has nothing to do,Chased the cat For this race veselosti to watch the whole house to Lick her like That was the beauty And the language of prasidatam so Shine that the cat had the Dog to do nothing,But if I were a dog Shine and create a fun,But under his tail

On the canvas He put the soul,And revived a beautiful picture…There is a sea chuvstvo for one spilled…And turned himself…Into a Dolphin…He’s surrounded by You,Your breath lives,flowers in his soul on the ground,While You’re there,It will be THE same…comment on the quote #525486

Time always flies where you fe… (Sergey Fedorov)

Time always flies where you feel good and comfortable, where the atmosphere of communication can you see the rainbow and everything it touches your soul, becomes a part of her Great Present)

The more people remember,The longer Fedot and Jacob got a boner

The man went to the doctor with complaints of photophobia Examination of the presence of symptoms confirmed –You sure you have photophobia? Of course –because after installing the toilet flushing system in the photo-sensors, I completely abandoned his visit because not photogenic –Go to normal-Until normal km and this is near a pub

Crazy borscht cleaner,Time heals a long time watchmaker,I smile in slovoville want Attached to Neuilly I used to.

If the spring in the next three months will tell the story of where she’d gone, summer will be hot )comment quote #496979

Even people looking at each other through the fingers, the views may be different

It’s hard for me from the local perfume,I suffocate, reading “hairspray” another use for it invented,is used now as dichlorvos

Watched I, communaute on the peacock Said that the meeting is very glad She at first glance was beautiful,Until I heard her familiar, the MAT is Not all gold that glitters…Not all radio that says…

In the quiet creaking of chromatiaceae very annoying One it interferes with sleep,Others are just inspiring

Poetic orgasm is happiness in the eyes of the Muse

The source of poetry consecrated by the love of beauty

Empty work always becomes a patch on the hole preparation

In stagnant water lying stones place

They draw, as it opened the plan,But that smoked and didn’t tell us

The mouth of the great verb the truth about is great

Fooling around also with the mind to not call boots

Think for yourself genies in teapots do not live

Shooting blanks, don’t point it at your target

Citric acid for descaling–laxative or folk Calgon

Gifts do not fight fortunately, they sharpen the memory of it

Poplars in the snow playing,Willow blow all Allergic to Rowan,Birds choke )

The controlling sakurakouji April 1 jar of green peas, it says 500 g, counted, lacking more in the day in the store will not go

What good scenery loving soul!… (Sergey Fedorov)

What good scenery loving soul! review quote #521017

When You smile, my heart bloom in your favorite colors

A common language is a rhyme on the wave where you want to stay

Usually carries two categories not afraid of anything but they don’t realize

Rest, legs, back in the side,do Not be angry, it just so happened Seven Fridays in the week in the head,She again hands friends

I’m in a dream run to go to bed,You promised me a dream Decided to make a tie and shaving,To be able to recognize me There in dreams silence reigns,And life is not gray, the color will Go and have a drink sleep to the edge,And I forget what was recently unshaven

Zagadka us the difference just a year,So you friends in the same age!No, we were born in a leap year,it’s very simple — peers

Curiosity-any reason entails anxiety for no reason

From pereobrazhennya thoughts paper tore

At a tricky spot in the construction is Always mounting connection

The poet is an artist writing from nature, but not with a brush, and poems when he poses a great Muse

If the broom flies, it doesn’t matter what happens to her once in a hundred years

The end of the world–is a place where Life is embracing you, say, have Mercy, I can’t!-And only depends on you, if she wants to go with you

Pegasus shoulder again touched,His breath is pulling me to Him so you want again the world woke up,where was I

Not far off the middle of summer,The ant mom prom again I summer gave a lot of light And life — the birthday of Your

Bite together the fleas of a lion And now is in the forest, the rumor That they say they look bolder,And the blood, of course, is blue

In our Universe lazy absolutely everything

— You finally decided! — Yeah, the task was not easy

For the arrival of heavy rain, the ground have to sweat

Will not go on white back will not bring to a white heat

review quote #605524Автомобилей many on the planet are divorced,the severity of this already bursting the earth’s axis That could not the Earth out of its orbit to come off,For the extra weight all the legal costs you have to pay

I want it today I don’t need some monkey I’ll be well-fed if you can processthread FAVORITE casseroles

— Thanks!— To your health!— And what are you washing today, so many cats?— No water