Each pleasure has its own pain… (Osho)

Each pleasure has its own pain, and each pain is its own pleasure

Actually the only person able to be alone, can love. People do not tolerate loneliness, unable to love. Their need to be needed so great — how can they love? — To be motherly and caring means being capable of unconditional love. It means to love someone just for the joy of love, to help people to grow just for the joy of seeing someone grow. Osho

Love is not what it should do.

Everything contains a purpose outside itself, destined for a mediocre mind, and everything that contains the end in itself, intended for a really reasonable person.

While you are eager, you are powerless, when there’s no passion, your powers are limitless.”Osho Chakra Book”, 1999

Enlightenment means to be in harmony with existence, to be in harmony with nature. The very nature of things, it is enlightenment. Against nature there is only sorrow and grief you create. None other is not responsible.

I am not absolutely against intellect. It has useful applications — but they are very limited and you have to understand their limitations. If you’re a scientist, you have to use intelligence. This is a wonderful mechanism, but it is beautiful only if it remains a slave and becomes master. Becoming a master and taking control of you, he’s dangerous. The mind is available to consciousness is a beautiful servant; the mind, controlling the mind is a dangerous master.

We know the Universe, but we don’t know it as filled with miracles. The children know loving know. Sometimes you know the poets and crazy. We don’t know that the world is filled with wonders.Actually, it is impossible to know, you feel…

What do you think, is there somewhere something like “humanity” or like “society”?All this is just words. There are only individuals.

Life should not just be aging. It should be growth.

You can be outdoors and you will be totally free, but without love, you’re in prison because you have nowhere to go.The sky is not for you.

“Nobody wants to hurt you, no one waits to offend you, everyone is busy guarding their own wound.”

You can cut a rose flower, you… (Osho)

You can cut a rose flower, you can dissect it, you can put different parts in separate labeled bottles systematically, but one thing is missed: there will be no beauty and no life, no joy, dance of the rose flower in the wind, in the rain, in the sun; all of this will disappear. There will be only a few chemicals, but these chemicals will not flower roses, these chemicals were only a situation in which there is a rose. They are not the rose, they leave only with a situation in which there is a rose. If you remove them, the rose will disappear in your invisible world.

If there is doubt, there is no need for faith.Disease no medication required.

No, you carry your wound.With ego your whole being is a wound. And you wear it everywhere.Nobody is interested in that to offend you, no one is waiting to humiliate you.Everyone is busy guarding their own wounds. Who has the energy to hurt?But it still happens.Because you are so ready to be wounded, what are you waiting for this. Be aware of your wound. Don’t help her grow, let her be healed.And she will be healed only when you move to the roots.The smaller the mind, the faster you will heal the wound, without the mind there will be no wounds.Live life crazy.Move as a total being, and accept things. Only twenty-four hours try this total acceptance, whatsoever happens.If someone offends you, take it, don’t react and see what happens.Suddenly you will feel the energy flowing in you, and which you have never before experienced.

Loneliness is a state when you’re sick myself, tired of myself, tired of myself, and you want to go somewhere and to forget yourself in someone else. Self-sufficiency is when you sneaks a delightful shiver of your being. Are you happy to be yourself. You don’t have anywhere to go. You are self-sufficient. But now, new appears in your being. You’re so filled they no longer accommodate it all. You need to share, you got to give. And whoever took this gift, you will feel grateful to him for what he took.

The mind ruins everything. Marriage means the mind. Love is spontaneous, marriage is prudent. In marriage all is expected and all required. Love ceases to be fun and becomes a duty.

Meditation is a natural state … (Osho)

Meditation is a natural state that we have lost. This is the lost Paradise, but Paradise can be returned. Look in children’s eyes, look and you will see amazing tremendous silence, innocence. Every child comes with a meditative state, but it needs to be instructed in the way of companies. And little by little he loses contact with his innocence. All you need is to get back to this space.

You can live a comely life, but from this felicitous life, just have no sense. Man must live a life of passion, prayer and love — not some handsome living. Man must live a life of adventure, research, and not some venerable life. A man has to live totally. The torch of his life should burn from both ends even for a single moment, but then it’s single moment is eternity. Then you live exactly as it should, then you know what life is. And then you’ll know it’s her celebration and her blessing.

You only need to turn around to face him.

Without you this universe will lose some poetry, some beauty: will miss song, gonna miss the notes, will be an empty gap.

In one enchanted evening you will meet the elect, the perfect person who will meet all your expectations and fulfill all your dreams.Right? No!This fantasy, which is so like to spread the poets and writers of songs, rooted in the memory of the womb where we were safe where we were “one” with the mother; no wonder we so want to go back our whole lives. But, frankly, it’s a childhood dream. It’s amazing how stubbornly we cling to it the face of reality!No one — not your current partner, nor any fabulous choice in the future — I can’t bring you happiness on a silver platter. No one — not even if they want to. True love comes not from trying to solve our problems with dependence on the other, and due to the development of our inner richness and maturity. Then we will have so much love to give that we naturally draw lovers to themselves.

Whatever you do in the world you make inside yourself.

When you love someone, it can be on another star, but in your love he is with you.He may have died, perhaps between you and him distances in ages, but love this distance, no.

Small things can be beautiful… (Osho)

Small things can be beautiful.A little care, a little generosity – this is the life.

Beauty is the shadow of harmony. You don’t fall in love with the beautiful people, the process is directly the opposite. When you fall in love with someone, this person seems beautiful. It is love that makes the idea of beauty, not Vice versa.

Everyone should find something closer to his heart.

In a conversation with strangers people the truth, they open your heart.

When you are sick, call your doctor. But most importantly, call the ones you love, because there is no medicine more important than love.

I taught you first to love ourselves. It has nothing to do with ego. In fact, love is such a light that the darkness of the ego cannot exist in it. If you love others, if your love is focused on others, you will remain in the dark. Turn your light on yourself first, become the first the light within me. Let the light dispel your inner darkness, inner weakness. Let love make you a tremendous energy, spiritual power.

“Perfectionism is the cause of all neuroses!”

If you want a loving relationship, you should forget about power politics.You can be friends. How to do not try to rule over others and do not allow to rule over you.This is the most difficult thing in the world, because in the moment when you show your love, the other begins to resort to force pressure.You can be enslaved psychologically or spiritually, and you don’t want to be a slave.

Only slaves want freedom, and free people are trying to become slaves.

All that experienced, you can step over;what is suppressed, it is impossible to cross.

I heard a five year old child asked his ten-year-old brother: “Go to mom and ask her permission to go to the theater.” Senior said, “But why not you? Ask you.” Junior said, “You know her longer than me.”

I heard in one city was a drought. Summer was in full swing, and the town priest called in the morning to the temple to pray for rain. The whole town and the whole town laughed at one child. The child came with an umbrella. And everyone laughed and said: “Fool, what did you bring an umbrella? Lose. It won’t rain”. The child said, “I thought that if you pray to rain”.Only a child came with an umbrella. How to go to rain? If that child had prayed, the rain could go.Faith can only be complete, otherwise it is not faith. And the people that laughed at the kid, just stupid. If not full of faith, why go to pray? And when the prayer is fulfilled, you will say that I knew that nothing will happen.

The past is gone — why for him… (Osho)

The past is gone — why for him to cling to? There is nothing you can do about it; you can’t go back, can’t change it — why for him to cling to? It’s not a treasure. And if you cling to the past and think it’s treasure, of course, your mind will want to relive it again and again in the future. OSHO.

If you used to live in a cage, freedom becomes a dangerous idea.

Proximity simply means that the doors of the heart open; you are invited to come in and be a guest.

The only thing man seeks is love. Having love in your heart, is peace and harmony, kindness and acceptance, strength and understanding. Love is the knowledge of God, for it alone reveals the essence of each “thing” in the world. Love teaches you to hear what is not expressed in words, and see what is hidden from the eyes. Love is in everyone, but knows it only one who will see the beauty of day and night, and seeing in himself, will see the same in any.

Life consists of very small things. Life consists of sipping a Cup of tea, the chatter of the other of the morning’s walks,of cooking for a loved one,from cooking for themselves, because their Telavi do, from washing clothes, from washing floors, watering of gardens out there to say “hi” to a stranger. It’s the little things

If you’re not yourself, you never know who you are.

About the meaning of jinijini is pointless.Until you love.Love gives your life meaning.This does not mean that because of the love in your life there are some results, achieved some goals — no.Through love every moment becomes of value in itself.To the person asking about the meaning of life lacks love.When a man loves, he never asks about the meaning of life.He knows the meaning, he does not need to ask.The meaning is: the meaning of life is love.

The greatest enemy of truth – people, stuffed with knowledge, but a great friend is one who knows that he knows nothing.

Love is able to go into the unknown. Love is able to discard all the guarantees. Love is able to jump into the unfamiliar and unknown. Love is courage. Trust of love.

When happiness has a cause, it will not last long. Joy for no reason will remain forever.

I am against plastic flowers. The real flowers are quite different. Plastic flowers same — plastic love is also unchanged. This flower is changeable, it changes every second. Today he is dancing in the wind, the sun, the rain, and tomorrow you will not find — it will disappear as mysteriously as it arose.Real love is like this flower.

Love sometimes you know that d… (Osho)

Love sometimes you know that don’t know the saints.

Nancy was having coffee with Helen.— How do you know your husband loves you? — said Nancy.— Every morning he takes out the garbage.— But it is not love. It is a good farming.— Husband gives me as much money as I need.— But this is not love. This is generous.’ My husband would never ever look at other people’s women.— It is not love. It’s a bad vision.— John always opens the door in front of me.— It is not love. It’s good manners.— John kisses me even when I eat garlic and when I wear curlers.— But it’s love!

Each love affair is dangerous.Because the person loses themselves.

We have inherited not only the mind of millions of years. We also inherited the madness of millennia.

On neuschwansteinstrasse leaves only two possibilities:If you are honest, you will become crazy;if you are honest, you will become a hypocrite.So smart and savvy become hypocrites,and those who are simple and innocent become victims and go crazy. The immoral man struggling with society,a moral person fighting with himself. Wicked man more cheerful and joyful,and moral serious, sad and burdened. Immoral afraid of being caught, but he enjoys life, it is morally all right only in relation to society, everything inside is not OK.

The rejection of his nature, of what you have — creates ego.If you accept the ego will disappear.Ideals, is the material from which made the ego.Just be yourself. Whatever you are, accept it.Don’t judge yourself, don’t judge others!

Life is a moment to celebrate, to be savored. Make it fun, festive, and then you enter the temple. The temple is not stretched, it never was for them. Look at life — do you see any sadness? Have you ever seen a tree depressed? Have you ever seen bird suffered from delusions of persecution? Have you ever seen an animal was suffering from neurosis? No, life is not completely different. Only man lost. He lost his way because he believes himself very wise, very clever. Your dexterity is your disease. Don’t be too wise. Always remember to stop, do not rush to extremes. A little foolishness and a little wisdom is good and their right combination makes you a Buddha

The idea of the immortality of… (Osho)

The idea of the immortality of the soul arose from the fear of death.

“Moment — it was another point — and it’s gone. The point is that we here have the time — and we left. And how much noise we make during this short time — much of violence, vanity, struggle, conflict, anger, hatred. Only in this short time! Just waiting for the train in the waiting room at the station, and creating so much noise, fighting, hurting each other. Trying to possess, trying to dominate, trying to rise — all policy. And then comes the train and you’re leaving forever.”

The happiest lovers in the world – those who never joined. About them are the most romantic, beautiful stories – no fighting, no nagging, no animosity. And they never come to the conclusion that This woman is not for me and I for her – not the man. They never approach each other close enough to come to this conclusion.But, unfortunately, the majority of lovers get married. This is the most regrettable incident in my life. It destroys all the beauty; otherwise they’d be Romeo and Juliet, Layla and Majnun, the great lovers in history. But all these great beloved never lived together in a Studio apartment!

Only infantile people may think that they know each other. You don’t even know yourself, how can you imagine that you know your lover?

A love that depends on someone is a poor love. The love that is created within you, love that is happening from your essence, it is a real energy. Then go anywhere with that ocean surrounding you, and you will feel that everyone who comes close to you, suddenly is under a different kind of energy.People will look at you more open eyes. You will pass by them, and they feel that there’s a breeze of some unknown energy, they will feel more fresh. Take somebody by the hand, and his whole body begins to tremble. Just be next to someone, and that person will feel very happy for no apparent reason. You will be able to observe this. Then you become ready to share. Then find a lover, then find a true susceptibility.

Man in society is bound to maintain imposed from outside the person and, at the same time, satisfy your pet inside.Its about saving face, we continue to live the life of the animal.

In this world there is only on… (Osho)

In this world there is only one happiness and that happiness is to be yourself. And since no one can be me, all trying to somehow hide behind masks, pretense, hypocrisy. All ashamed of who they are. You have learned everything except to be yourself. The most ugly of all possible form of society, because it makes everyone unhappy. To be who you really are, be with those who want to do what you want, all these things are the basis of all your suffering.

Death is the greatest of all illusions.

Fear is nothing like the absence of love. When you are filled with love, no fear, but once love disappears, then its place is fear.

Love is a state of mind, not relationship.

Love is a very fragile flower. It has to be protected, it needs to be strengthened, it needs to be watered; only then it becomes strong.

The only time you have is now; the only place is here.

Evil people always eat a lot.

Remember this: nobody else can decide for you. All other commandments, all orders, all morality will only cripple you. You have to decide for themselves, you have to take your life into your own hands. Otherwise life will continue to knock on doors, and you will never have at home — you will always be somewhere else.

“ It’s your world. So when you changing the whole world.

Hearing everyone can. Able to hear only those who abide in silence.The author has in mind the absence of noise thoughts…When we listen to another, we often think about his…

Love knows no comparison; love simply loves without comparing.

Life in General is a great cosmic joke. This is not a serious phenomenon, taking it seriously, you will miss it. It can be understood only through laughter.Did you notice that man is the only animal that laughs? Aristotle said that man is a rational animal. This may not be true – as a very rational ants and bees are very rational. And the computer is very rational in comparison with your computer, people very irrational.My definition of man is: man is the laughing animal. The computer is not laughing, not laughing at the ants, bees don’t laugh; the only people who can laugh. It is the highest peak of growth and it is through laughter you can reach God. Because only through the highest that is in you, you can achieve the ultimate. And laughter should be a bridge.

Only when you can die for some… (Osho)

Only when you can die for someone can you live for someone else.So life becomes meaningful because of death.

Don’t need any improvement.God creates us all perfect.

While there is a love, all right,When there’s no love, all ugly.

Don’t run from yourself you can’t be no one else.

What you show to others is not your.

Life is a flow is a river: her moods are constantly changing.

Man created God in the image and likeness.

To have the top, need valley.To feel happiness, it is necessary misfortune.To know ourselves, want peace.

Remember one thing: while true nestalas your personal experience, whatever you think about the truth, only belief. And all beliefs are lies, and all convinced —blind.

All religions impose their own idea of the Superman, you said that if you are virtuous, if you do all the things prescribed by the sacred books, if you follow them with faith, it will happen to you. They gave you the ideal that you are able to do, and so you feel guilty. You feel unworthy, insignificant, and all your energy, which could help you become a true Superman, in vain wasted on all this nonsense.

Where ever you are, remember yourself, remember who you are. The awareness that you have, should be continuous. Not your name, social position, nationality. All these things are absolutely useless. Just remember what I am. It was impossible to forget. Walking, sitting, eating, talking, remember this: I am

When you think you deceive others,you deceive only yourself.

A man and a woman have You ever noticed that a woman who charming today, tomorrow may not be or even become boring? Now you are ready to die for it, and tomorrow you will be dying to want to get rid of it! Strange What happened to beauty? Beauty is within you. And if you provide a woman or man the freedom to be themselves, then they become your mirror. But at that point, when you begin to say You have to be like this,” You must be this”, you do not allow another person to be the mirror, you begin to alter it in a frame on the film. The mirror has its own image, so it can constantly, endlessly reflect. A photograph represents only one image. It isn’t a mirror.

If you are brave — listen to y… (Osho)

If you are brave — listen to your heart,If you are a coward, listen to your head.Each filled with love.Be grateful to existence,Enjoy the wonderful life that surrounds you Like, because nobody knows whether tomorrow will come,don’t save it all perfect for tomorrow,Live intensely, live totally, here and now.

Loneliness is a state when you’re sick myself, tired of myself, tired of myself, and you want to go somewhere and to forget yourself in someone else.

If a woman never was wild, she can’t be beautiful because she is the more wild, the more it is alive.

People are wandering in the words, theories, philosophies, theologies, religions and different kinds of exercise for your mind; and no one thinks that the ultimate truth is beyond the mind. You can a life to look inside the mind and find nothing but empty words. The mind is a desert where nothing grows.

Whatever you are, you have the right to be who you are.

Get too serious — the greatest trouble.

Joy is a function of love, shadow of love; it follows the love. So, become more and more loving and you will be more and more joyful. Don’t worry about whether to return to you this love; the essence at all in it. Happily the one who loves.

Every child is born with clenched fists,believing that he carries the treasure — and his fists are empty.And everybody dies with open hands.All that you are — belongs to the world.And the day will come when you will have to leave everything here, there’s nothing you can take with you.

The main component of love: to help others to be themselves. If you want to force and manipulate, the love in you..Osho (bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

There is nothing more joyful than to share their joy.

At that moment, when you know yourself, you become Emperor. Up to this point, you’re a beggar. Self-knowledge allows you to learn about their own Kingdom. This Kingdom is not outside. All the kingdoms that are outside — it’s a lie, they are — castles in the sand or a house of cards; at any moment they can disappear. A light breeze could destroy them. But there is another Kingdom — the Kingdom within. And this is the true Kingdom, the true treasure. To know about it — so to speak. Knowledge itself is over. This Kingdom is ours, we just forgot about it. It is lost — just forgotten. At that moment, when you remember, you know your nature, you are not left with any desires — after all, they have already been fulfilled. Everything you ever wanted is already here. God gave you this in the beginning. God did not create the poor, It creates emperors.