By the will of the Creator, do… (Omar Khayyam)

By the will of the Creator, don’t know, I meant Paradise or hell. Wine, friend, the lute – part my You the bliss of Paradise are inferior. O ignorant ones! Our bodily appearance is nothing, and this whole earth is nothing. Have fun the same mortal prisoners of the moment, For a moment in the camera close – nothing! Let our death rejoices, and he from death to defend themselves.

Each, in their poverty aware! You are in the world with nothing came grave all take.I do not drink, because death is close I tell you; but you drink or not drink, it is to your hour will come.

This set of blue and gold basin on it.For a long time will be turned over earthly vanities.We come in uninvited, we came for a short time,After someone had we, before anyone leave on the train.(translation by Vladimir Derzhavin)

Among the houris the beautiful I’m drunk and blame vljubleny give a grateful bow.From the bondage of being I am today svoboden blessed like the Supreme Palace invited.

A weak man, the fate of the wrong slave,Unmasked, and shameless slave!Especially in love. Myself, I first,Always wrong and to many weak.

Our parish and the care of the mysterious,Their purpose all the sages of the earth have failed to comprehend Where the circle that began where the end is,Where we come from, where are we going resettled?

I’ll tell you, if you want to listen to my advice: Garb of hypocrisy do not get too excited f our light. The life of a moment, the other without end to Sell for the moment for all eternity? Yes, this makes no sense.

I was born …But the Universe is no good .Die, and glory will not win anything light .And to this day I have not heard , alas , from anyone ,Why I lived , why suffer and perish for what

Many sects have I counted in Islam. From seha chose a sect of lovemaking.You’re a God! Give me the pleasures of heaven.To merge with God, love in flames, is not a sin!

How long to be a slave to your alkane,And searching in vain and suffering?Go and we like all went to nasi has not fulfilled their desires.(translation by Vladimir Derzhavin)

Clinging skull mysterious Potter Special showed this art of the gift: On the cloth of existence, he knocked over the bowl And it lit a blazing fire of passion.

When violets pour blagouhanie wind blows the breath of vernal,the Sage – who drinks his beloved wine,Smashing against the stone bowl of repentance.

Who are we? Puppets on strings, and kokolik our firmament.He’s in a big shed the idea leads.We are now on the carpet of existence to play he will make,And then to your chest one after the other will be removed.(translation by Vladimir Derzhavin)

Where, when and to whom, my de… (Omar Khayyam)

Where, when and to whom, my dear, of utauloid loss desires to please yourself?

If I’m smart in the fire of hell will fall,you will be able, perhaps, to live in hell.But God forbid in Paradise a fool to be!Take, o Lord, this trouble!

In this mortal Universe in due trokrevetna to dust man and flower,If only the dust evaporated at us from under the feet -From the sky b flowed to the ground bloody stream.

Some people seduced by the life of the earth,some in dreams drawn to another life.Death — wall. In life no one uznaetsya the truth hidden behind this wall.

Be with me love and wine!Whether that will be: the madness, the shame – all the same!What would be destined – inevitably will be,But not more than what is destined.

Woe, Woe is the heart, where burning passions there.Where there is no love of torment, where dreams of happiness, no.A day without love — lost: Serey and dimmer Than this day are infertile, and days of inclement weather no.

The world is the body of the universe, the soul of which is God, and people together with the Angels give the sensuality of the flesh. Fire and ashes, water and air particles from their world is created entirely. In this unity , perfection, everything else in the world is a lie.

To whom then humbled by the shame of suffering from low people?Until the wrath of the century to demolish that previous centuries sneaky?Be cheerful, friend, because the post has passed and again the occasion has come,Come on ruby wine, fill the bowls quickly!(translation by Vladimir Derzhavin)

Night on earth. The carpet of the earth and sleep.Night beneath the earth. The canopy of the earth and the dream Flashed the shadows, somewhere zaroulis — And disappeared again. Desert secret dream

More worthy than the whole world to cultivate, to inhabit — a soul In human sorrow to quench And caress one under bondage, to shackle,Than a thousand slaves to freedom grant.quote #323438 in a different translation

With the donkey be a donkey — not exposes his face!Olaseha ask — he will say: “I’m great!”And if anyone no donkey ears, That for slovstva obvious heretic!

Foolish people since the beginning of time the truth Instead of play a rainbow of words; Though they came to help Jesus with Muhammad, Not they came to the inmost of the basics.

World – the moment, and I in him – the one moment.How many sighs I to do for a moment is it to be?Be happy, live! This mortal stagename in possession is not given forever.(translation by Vladimir Derzhavin)

The repetition, the imitation of the world of this case.If not imitation of, life would be a holiday was Awarded acts, fulfilled wishes,the Shadow of the threat useless, forever to be moved.(translation by Vladimir Derzhavin)

On whose table the wine and sw… (Omar Khayyam)

On whose table the wine and sweets, pilaf?Crude ignoramus. Yes, the rock, unfortunately that is.Turkish eye, most beautiful in the world,we Find one? Usually slaves.

Sinned nor what the hell to frighten,to Become sinless is not necessary, Khayyam, promise.What a merciful God sinless?The sinner needs God — to forgive.

If I could find a clue If I could I hope for heaven to preserve the languished I in this cramped prison,But in a hurry residence to change!

Ways searches you, my mind, ideshi a hundred times a day not tired to repeat:”Appreciate the moment of fellowship with friends!You meadow, but beveled, again, don’t sprout!”(translation by Vladimir Derzhavin)

If the laborer in the sweat of svoistvami bread, I have gained nothing —Why does he jerk the bow has delgenio even to those who are better than him?

Wine me, music and singing.That is what happens all the prey of corruption.I don’t know no sobriety, no drinking,Me the gift of two worlds — one moment.(translation by Vladimir Derzhavin)

Like the sun, burn, not burning, love.Like a bird of the heavenly Paradise — love.But not love — the Nightingale moans.Not to moan, love dying, love!

Surely that is our miserable destiny to Be slaves to their lustful bodies?After all, none of living in the world.Their lust to quench failed.

Before birth you did not need anything,And born, need all doomed.You only lose the shameful oppression of the body,will once Again be free, as God, rich.

The one who the world gives the lucky ones the gift of Rest — after blow strikes.Don’t worry, if less other, have fun,Be happy with that suffered less than others.

You may have lived a life without serious suffering, — what next?Let your life have come full circle, what then?Let, bliss, you will live a hundred fly hundred years more, — tell me, my friend, what’s next?

Not bring sin on the vine-bride of the immaculate vines,Over the hypocrite evil mockery mock mercilessly.The blood of two thousand hypocrites you shed — that there is no sin, But CEDA wine from huma*, don’t spill jet encouraging.* Hum – a clay jug for wine

One chorus from my Wisdom:Life is short, so give vent to her!Smart is to cut the trees But to lop yourself — much more stupid

Fools wise worship me God: I am not who they think I am.About yourself and about the world I know not of belletech fools who diligently read me.

As a man, a stranger to me cor… (Omar Khayyam)

As a man, a stranger to me correct — he was my brother.Wrong brother, my enemy, damn him a hundred times.Medications are sometimes more dangerous than poison.Diseases sometimes cure the poison.

The day tomorrow — alas! — hid from our eyes!Hurry to use flying in the abyss an hour.Drink, moon-faced! How often meserschmitt on the sky, not seeing us.

Life is a Mirage. However — be joyful.In the passion and intoxication — be joyful.You lived the moments — and you do not have.But at least the moment — whether joyful!

To the stage of Being a little late we are,a Step below all humbly we stood.Life your situation, it is not up to our complaints.Most would end. And we are tired.

People decay in their graves, becoming nothing. Splits atoms close relationship. What kind of moisture is intoxicating, which Drugged them, life and povernula in the dirt?

What is written in the hand of Providence too is not available continue to change, nor the arguments of mind nor the knowledge of a theologian and no tears to wash away fate decisions.

Alas, not many days we are here to stay given,to Live without love and without wine — a sin.It is not necessary to ponder the world this old Il young:Kohl destined to go — not all do we care?

Love! In sorrows lublina help the Sky do not call!It is, believe me when I say In love bessilna than you do.

Covetous, not due the bad times.Everything we have — to spend. Remember: life is one.As gold or nagrab, and in the other world atsutane will take, imagine, and a handful of grain.

Everything goes — and hope the grain will not rise,Everything you’ve accumulated, for nothing will be lost.If you don’t share time with each other —All your property to the enemy depart.

Remember gossip crowd — wind, it only makes a noise!Those who continuously gives joy to the soul,do Not ruin me ever having an empty hex, the World as we, in my memory many stores!

To say two words took,And innermost secret hear you:You love — you’ll be fine in the damp earth,You lovingly, I will rise from the earth!

Pearl thought Omar Khayyam quotes do Not forget that you are not alone:in the most serious minutes next to you — the Almighty. *** Don’t say that the man was a womanizer. If he was monogamous, then you have to turn never came. *** Though a poor beggar you, though, and the king — in imageso all others in the same price will go. *** Without us circled the world without us to spin will be.The universe anyway, and it only hurts us. *** Even used a moment Wake up, look at least used once As fiercely and blindly tramples us! *** Live and enjoy life, it is not eternal. Remember death always, and try to catch as much as possible in this life. Rejoice life. ******

Know this: love heat ladanum n… (Omar Khayyam)

Know this: love heat ladanum need to be.At a stately Banquet — nehmelman need to be.To the ears, eyes and tongue were intact, —the Deaf, blind, dumb, need to be.

I am in exile, languishing heart,Delirious without purpose, crying bitterly.Me happy life is not brought in, passed And where will be the death of me – I don’t know.(translation by Vladimir Derzhavin)

As his own death to delay is impossible, as more than specified mortals the path to the eternal things is not blind of wax and cry about it not worth it, friends!

See that boy, an old sage?He sand having fun — having a Palace built.Advise him: “Be careful, young man,With ashes of the wise heads and loving hearts!”

What I heavenly bliss — “then”?Ask for now, cash, wine

“Because life is short in this sinful world, Grief for the death of the heart-an unnecessary ballast”.

If I were the Creator, the Lord of the universe,I am the sky the ancient cast with the base.And created a new concept under which,Suddenly had to pass all the good wishes.(translation by Vladimir Derzhavin)

Due to the fact that it’s not, you don’t beat yourself up. Due to the fact that away, you don’t swear yourself. Urvi from the vile life tuft and not blame yourself. As long as the sword is not raised rock live, take care of yourself.

The Potter that molded the bowl of our heads,Surpassed in the business of any of the masters.Over the table being knocked over he casue passions fill her to the brim.

If the tablet of fate, I suddenly became the subject,I would have erased it all and wrote again.From the world I sorrow banished forever,To the joy of head to the sky got.

You’re not very generous, the Almighty Creator:How in the world thee broken hearts!Lips of ruby, musky curls kolkota, like a miser, locked up in the bottomless chest!

Ten intelligences, the nine tents,the Eight levels of Paradise,the Seven wandering stars,the six parties I like a book I read:God’s five senses and four poritidae soul in two miraconcha only oodnadata creating!

Stand up in the morning and hands will shake For a moment forget your grief,enjoying this breathe the morning air,Full chest, still breathe, breathe.

The door of the monastery: output and input.What awaits us but death, fear, misery?Happiness? Happy living at least mgnovenie not born happier one.

The bleak autumn passed over us a number And our lives days of scattered leaves. Drink! After all, a wise man said that only wine dope We can overcome the anguish of mental poison.

You mischief which seems to ne… (Omar Khayyam)

You mischief which seems to never end, the day of judgment do not rely on the mercy of the Creator! God, just do a good deed, will Not forgive evil villain!

We are stuffed with the same song:Who lives righteously is righteous will be resurrected.And all my life with beloved and wine,This fact and rise interesting!OMAR KHAYYAM

Do not become us. And the world-at least that!Disappear trail. And the world could not care less!We were not, and he shone and will be!We’ll disappear And the world-at least that!

We die once and for all.Not afraid of death, and the death of Strada.If this clod of clay and a drop to craviotto suddenly – no big deal.(translation by Vladimir Derzhavin)

I know this kind of pompous Asses:Empty as a drum, and how many big words!They are slaves of names. Compose yourself a name,And before you crawl any of them is ready

In this dark world consider true spiritual wealth, because it will never depreciate.

Because our bread is Heaven is predetermined,is greater than he, won’t he.You do not worry, friend, that not got, -Manage to reject what you burdened.

Reproach Khayyam number cuteeeee the example he put teetotal men.It was used as the visible other vices Who would look like sober of these hypocrites?!

Transferring deprivation, you’ll be a free bird.But the drop will become a pearl in the oyster is the dungeon.Distribute their wealth – it will come back to you.Since the Cup is empty – you will get drunk.

I only follow the path of my heartIn desolate desert I make my startI follow my heart, I do my partThe path of my heart is what you chart.

We learn life through the way of honor,Not escuchas at the time of lying,to distinguish would we the praises of flattery,So as not to poison poured themselves into the vessel of the soul.

I’m doomed to suffer the rest of my days,You’re day by day having fun more.Watch out! On the fate of the rely don’t:a Lot of cunning tricks left in her.

We’ll be gone without a trace — no names, no signs. The world will stand for another thousand years. Us before was not here — after will not. No damage or benefit from this.

Perpetual anxiety will not let me breathe, From the sorrowful moans my tired chest. Why came I into the world again — without me, with me, All things as he decides its a strange way?

Promise me Eden, a delight to find.For me and grape juice good.Cash take it to the word and do not believe:Only from afar the thunder of the drum good.

Even the mountain drink, dance… (Omar Khayyam)

Even the mountain drink, dance it,Only a fool can live without wine.Will not repent that you drink. We brought wine:Drink the Cup and all your essence visible.Omar Khayyam

Not death terrible. Terrible life, accidental, imposed by life In the dark I slipped a blank. And without a fight I will give this life.

Under heaven there is no happiness, and the world is like that:One is born, another flies into the darkness.When would know people on all earth’s sorrows,took the time he had here, since he himself is not the enemy.

Dawn. Off late lights. Ignited hope. As always, all the days! And vechereet will once again have candles lit And extinguished in the heart of the late lights.

The world has no beginning, end him no,We will go forever — no names, no signs.This world was to us, and forever shall be,After we stand for a thousand years.

In wine-the rise of soul that dropped the painful bonds of prohibitions and conventions:Better heart to please a Cup of wine,Than to grieve and to praise former times.A sober mind imposes on the soul shackles.Then she breaks the shackles.

How the old love to forget will I,When the eyes in tears, the soul is in the blood!

Be omnipotent, as a magician, who lived a hundred years In the dark abyss of the ages will not see your light.Only in legends sometimes our destinies flicker,Become a spark of happiness among these legends!

I suffer bullying in the sky for a long time.Maybe for the patience the reward will anonimously me a pretty easy nravi heavy pitcher grant at the same time.

The life of thought,Though, it’s old.Life: well, a rope, a bucket!Since, the bucket from the well,Goes empty to Decide how long a rope is Not necessary

One is always shameful labour to exalt himself,if you’re a great and wise? — manage to ask yourself.Examples are let the eyes huge seeing the world,They don’t complain that they don’t have to dig yourself.

As a wanderer who died in solontsi exhausted,Waiting for the end to come,So happy is he who before the world left;Blessed is he who is in the world didn’t come.(translation by Vladimir Derzhavin)

We in the mosque saying:God is the basis and essence”.Sages to science want to turn. But I’m afraid someone will come and say:Hey blind!There is another, you know the way!” st

At first my mind wandered to the heavens,the Tablet, Qalam and Paradise and hell were looking for.Told me mind: Heaven and hell — with you, Everything you carry, what alkali. – The tablet, Kalam in Islam all deeds of men are recorded on the tablets of the Kalam (pen) – destined fate(translated by V. Derzhavin)

From the fear of death I am — … (Omar Khayyam)

From the fear of death I am — trust me — is far:Worse life got for me rock?I got to the stricter borrowing will return her when the time comes.

The world is ruled by violence, anger and revenge,What else on earth is authentic?Where are the happy people in the world ozloblennoe?If you have them on the fingers are easily counted.

In the light of the sinless can find?We all ordered a sinless way.We are bad, and You punish us evil,Between us and You there is no difference almost.

Be gentle with me trying all, to Subdue your temper cool trying — in any way. Imagine: the cypress, straight as exclamation, to Bend a comma tries — nothing!

In this world love — the ornament of people to Be deprived love is to be without friends.One whose heart is the drink of love is not glued,The — donkey, though not wearing donkey’s ears.

The fact that the God we once measured out, friends,to Increase and not to decrease is impossible. Will try really to spend the cash On someone else is not Saras, borrow without asking.

I have no associate in the dispute,My breath is one my companion in grief.I cry silently. Well, or submit to,or drift away and disappear in this sea.(translation by Vladimir Derzhavin)

We are the ripples in time.

Whose hand the centuries-old circle opens?Who is the beginning and end of a circle find?And no one has opened the human race –How, where, why our arrival and departure.(translation by Vladimir Derzhavin)

One pleading,looking up at the sky, Another of life requires the bounty.But the hour will come, and both shudder:the Way of truth is not this and not that.

If I omnipotence was given, I would the sky is felled davno’d raise more, reasonable nepochopi the only decent loved it.

* * * O soul! You turned me into a servant.I feel your oppression at every step.Why I was born if mirese still can not change anything? * * *

You don’t trust the fabrications sober demure,Like drunks in hell awaits fire.If a place in hell for lovers and drunks -tomorrow Paradise will be empty as the palm of your hand!

Voluntarily the I would. And to leave does not want me. I have in my life, be my will, not wanted Anywhere. Never. I wouldn’t have been born.

If all States near and far,Lie down, conquered me in the dust, in drinking From that, I, the Lord, do not become immortal.My lot is small: three feet of earth.

Though hundreds lived a ten hundred years, still have to leave the light, if you were the king of Il the poor in the market, price you one for the death of dignity no.