Your life is a lie, porn, dome… (Mr. Freeman)

Your life is a lie, porn, domestic assault, Internet addiction, and cell-cell slavery. Well, isn’t that right? Tell me, have you ever done something really out of the ordinary? Never. Can’t. You know why? Because all of this is outside your comfort zone. You Packed in it. In polypropylene bag. You pieces of meat, sandwiched framework of life and work. Or am I wrong? Maybe I’m wrong? Correct me. For example, you can give your cell phone to the first comer? Huh? Tricky question. You can now format the screw on your computer? Dumb? Crap? Do you know why you don’t? Because it is tantamount to suicide. Without it you do not exist. (c)

I’m the one who remembers what… (Mr. Freeman )

I’m the one who remembers what happened and thinks about what will happen. I’m the one who is not in the past and in the future. I – it now. The whole world is the eternal now. I am the center of this world. I am the center of their reality.Mr. Freeman