OTHER do You think I remember?… (Lorina Dimova)

OTHER do You think I remember? Especially in the early spring? Forgot. I don’t remember. I do not know. You messed up Not me. Not me. No, I’m not avoiding you don’t have to empty accusations. You’re confusing Is another. Words I do not know such! Everything is in order, what are you! Calm. Always fun. Read. I go to work. And that? Said to have died. What long has it been I can see you’re upset. She loved you very much. And I? Well, I do with it?

And can we live, and nothing a… (Lorina Dimova)

And can we live, and nothing around to see, And suddenly to see the light!And a thousand people hurt And one did not dare.And can be a lot of piers to drive —one stick.Look for a lifetime of recognition and success, And suddenly tired.Not to get to know people, and those, and those only to suddenly feel the warmth of beloved hands And should b tell me live on sitebut these “suddenly”?

And you can scream And you can… (Lorina Dimova)

And you can scream And you can shout from bitterness and pain But it is better to remain silent and think: “God is with you.” And you can wail shrill and long But better still to stand on the shoulders of the cloak to put on and went out into the ocean of grief to suffocate But never never look back.

From incredible distances, fro… (Lorina Dimova)

From incredible distances, from a forgotten vecinoma I typed one person,And yet heard in his room warbling,Between you and the elements hummed, rattled.I heard in the receiver winds the burning,I heard in the tube the breath of the universe.Between us lay a century, the distance From that distant time with the breakup.And such a huge gaping void That any words suddenly became useless.And hearing that voice quite so forgotten,I quietly the receiver put.And the wind ceased, and silent storm in the night lit up with gold lights.

But if we hadn’t broken up — a… (Lorina Dimova)

But if we hadn’t broken up — albeit bitterly, even with the pain, hard — uninvited guest Fatigue quietly went to our house. Wandered in it like a cold, with no signs of threatening trouble, in conversations, in smiles, everywhere your leaving traces. And soon the gait of the bird, not wanting to harm us, went to us the Indifference, and Boredom would have entered. In the company of this excellent we days whiled away b their own, forgetting about the extraordinary, falling from heaven Love.

I will tell you about married … (Lorina Dimova)

I will tell you about married to a BITCH.Poor All their lives is stressed.And those who do not married to anybody,Unhappy, but still happier one.And there that are married to wives primaryprimary, obedient, reliable and faithful.Their inheritance is beautiful. But that is typical:Such lucky people dream about BITCHES.Dream on bitches in bikinis and mini.But since justice is not in sight,Since the passion of men like lamentable and we are on their half Because, honestly, we like togane hats, and the ones that macho similar.They are fun, curly, younger,They are that make your skin crawl.And if macho car and giving,And he looks at us with love in preacute, okay, sorry we their pious Who secretly dream of BITCH

Turns out you can live without… (Lorina Dimova)

Turns out you can live without you? It’s been three days And I’m alive. And the days were crawling like rusty trams, Sighing, moaning and creaking. But that is nonsense, Again without you it’s been Three days And I am still alive. And if I continue to be lucky, That tomorrow will be their last four. I will be wandering around the apartment, Long unaccustomed to my worries, And suddenly I understand That in our eternal world, Everything is always, as life goes on. Well, then I’m afraid to look Over the line, a strange boundary, Where there is no you And where the soul seeks to Petrify, to freeze, to sleep. All you Worries, dreams and face. Well probably get used somehow

Cowbone and cowboys… (Lorina Dimova )

Cowbone and cowboys…the Beautiful Lady was sad sometimes that women are surrounded by other heroes — brave, strong. drinking whiskey, ready to feats, passion and risk. And those that it is sometimes surrounded, queries, sublime did not reflect: pot-bellied, bald, with a difficult life, married to the Word, not the cowboys. A Lady was by nature a cowgirl. She talked sensibly and smartly. And in search of companion in higher class wore at the bag lasso from Texas. But it was lamentable, alas, the position of the Lariat and still lying motionless.