Why again did you and ruined i… (Lika Kugeiko)

Why again did you and ruined it?And indifference tormented soul,desperately Shouting: — Yes like!With anguish like my voice I have a cold with pride of his love was killed,Insanely happy? left without looking back,would You give the Oscar for the role of a vampire,And I was up all night in hysterics, bending over don’t expect to call again humbled,You yourself come, tell me: — first things first,I’m a white light will not see,I am from your lies run wild With anguish as if my voice has a cold,after You cried: it Hurts need!Left Killed Me, you’re not listening,I’m really hurt I really need

So today I want amnesia,Take and terminally ill,To ease the soul and euphoria,And nothing ever to be sorry Not to remember your image is doomed,Suffering from insomnia night,to See the world through your eyes delighted To the soul the calm and quiet of my memory gone all grievances have Disappeared dark-eyed, dusky Blues,Ended a difficult bend my life first time I start with a clean slate begin to live,To soul me not to harden,Oh, seems to be already sick of the Mistakes of the past I can not remember continue

Remember, you can’t be with me sure,You managed to take me completely,increasingly, I see a sneak standing under a bridge,Burning bridges suddenly appear … catcher…In my heart I put a complicated password,And the code you pick up as a quadriplegic,You will burn indifferent my opinion ice You in the past love my spoiled…Now choose a different way to love,Mysterious and unpredictable will,be Jealous of me often, swear, worry, call,Of true feelings and I formed…

The world was won by the Optimists!The pessimists in the audience Watching go through a thorny,difficult way, Melt levitican get Rid of depression,Think about the bad we are forbidden,All the problems in life are solvable! But the Lord — He admires us! Let the luck, Mrs Moody,On the heels of us running around,And fate will give us a surprises,no matter black white Il We preach Happiness,And it is the window to our knocking,Took a course and follow it precisely! Bravo to us! All people are Optimists!

In her female fate, seen a lot,Life gives me a smile sometimes with a grin,if only the soul, sadly overgrown,And fight for happiness I hadn’t Let tired fourth decade, has already changed his,no matter that I have lived in pain, broke,Not bent, not paying any to begin with,I’m a woman of expensive metal Yes, I love I believe in the ideal,On the edge of the world b for him, although now ran To him only the night passionately whispered: — How long have you I am looking for I want life, vigorously applauded And said: — Cheers! You’re happy became!I was able to survive the storms and squalls,And made what secretly dreamed of )

Brace yourself, a prisoner of … (Lika Kugeiko)

Brace yourself, a prisoner of her love When she’s jealous of you When she lives with you,Scolding, angry, rebellious,As the sun a morning sunrise,You and the heart beats,feelings of squeezing everything inside,And let the sometimes meaner pepper,her tantrums Look! Don’t let go of her permanently,When the limit of patience,She did not return the love back,or Rather a feelings at the shooting,She put the pain of punishment,the Soul was silent, not singing,Love will strangle and poison,Chained forever the heart of ice she Now love breathes,the Soul is attracted to you And believe you will hear it,will Remain in her the fate of Her character Yes, not sugar,To madness will bring,Desperately raging fears Inside and all the flies You braslet for her soul mother,Forever in thrall of her love,Tell her, gently hugging,We luckily save

Native treasure precious mother’s favorite Princess, asleep on a pillow, And sleep in her bright and curly, Lustrous hair to create curls Lashes shaking like the wings of a butterfly, And a button-nose sniffs faintly, What a dream daughter, the Bunting, Probably in the dress is beautiful and lush, She is like a Princess, walking down the street, And holds up the colored balls, She the sun is shining and the sky frowns, And shoes gave her a crystal I Wish you my dear daughter, Not only in the dream to be beautiful and fabulous Let mom fulfilled precisely the prophecy, Be the happiest baby Bunting )

Our life is a fascinating film, Just want feed back unwind, And seriously try to fix what was wrong were only able to understand now That it was impossible here to say goodbye, Well, then it would be better not to start And that stranger to say casually, do You want me to know ? Flash youth arrow Here like yesterday was twenty years old, naive About myself, I feel sad at times, And excerpts from childhood, as the light of God My life is a fascinating film, And let most of the episodes already filmed, the Final film was composed long ago, Till the last breath — live like a star

In that dark moment when I, feeling of betrayal,Your secrets will be able to tell by cowardly eyes When with cunning deceit you imagine a gentleman,And as if I don’t know why the evening in tears, I Spend constantly, in anticipation of our separation,SMS receiving “Things, will not appear until the morning “,we see the network of young cruel bitch,I will Write in reply: — Go away, you’ll die after separating from you forever I will cry in the beginning To suffocation tormented And I would survive this night,To defeat his pain, expelling from the soul of sadness,I can! Who else will I be able to help Here and passed the turn Indifferent to your new life,And not worried that sooner tormented to tears and I wish all women to overcome this crisis,Smiling blithely, forgetting the fate of curiosity

He had a dream to Meet a girl … (Lika Kugeiko)

He had a dream to Meet a girl who’s prettier than all the world,And in her soul there was kindness,And the wonderful the children born to them…He dreamed of a tender, devoted wife,So clever was she, and patient,with her I wanted to be alone,to Be a real man and happy…God heard his thoughts and decided to Reward him with the dream of the unseen,He is the whole universe turned over,Brought him to one extraordinary…Very kind, gentle, angelic soul,And told her to cherish, to love, to cherish,No more in the world this girl will Lose… so much regret…*** Just a pity that the way of the man If suddenly his dream came true,He loses interest;Stronger than all,why would This girl fall in love with him?And why dream about what ever,Keep you in my life still will not be able,For you may just nonsense,And that girl you’re soul will be destroyed…

Her soul she always sings,a Smile shines true to the faith,Only sad look, the traitor betrays,Drank in the sorrows of life fully And her heart is forever in love,Naive to believe in light, love,When, stupid, will understand it,No illusions of beautiful words And anger seeks to hurt,I like a Princess with the spindle,Sorry, good-natured life doubly bite,sometimes I Want to sleep I’m dead sleep And let him Wake up kiss it,And all my naive dreams,Suddenly come Good world around Forever together just me and YOU )

He is restless,Like a chose the wrong the path of life,Everyone will tell you: — live with dignity,the Man was not to blame And the wife is waiting for him in the evenings,Only the wife that he needed, Painful ache on the heart scars,Why didn’t he save Her why? Why not kept the love of it?Tired of everything, and darkened all the light,Gasping in the night from the pain,In cigarette smoke waiting for the dawn Many times to prove to Her tried That I would be happy with another,All to humiliate her tried,And was ready with anger to kill, to crush And beat it with indifference,Smiling beautifully to him always,do Not wait more and did not call,How much was it all her work Never in his life he learns Not preserved, so do not be angry and live with the other,He successful any shouts,but that’s just not happy are you, dear

FAVORITE MAN…of Course I look at other men,And sometimes even communicate with someone,Nobody has reached such value,And you do not have equal equivalents…You soul filled, charmed,I’m talking to you and shaking my voice,Love swept like a storm squall,which I wasn’t even fighting…And it seems like I am two worlds Live in parallel… and thoughts too,You inner peace do not ruin my… Crash!Die without you… the doctor did not help…Nobody reached such quantities,And believe the words I’m blind,I Look like through other men,the Native features in their faces I’m looking for…

Beloved son My pride… (Lika Kugeiko)

Beloved son My pride. My Sun, My most strong, brave and beautiful boy, My love, my support for a light in the window, Let mother’s care will bring luck to Keep you from the troubles of our whole life, ready, still alive, while the mother nearby, Pray, not overgrown trail to a home, I can’t say how you doing and I understand the look You remember my son, that had never happened without you mom too bold and harsh, Beloved son, with bated breath, she’s proud of And how the mother will live to see her, as the train fast, Flying by not returning a timid, shy Tits

I fall asleep with thoughts of him,And he’s probably sleeping with another.Inside is all of a flaming fire,Write to him in response: don’t bother! He went to her, smashing my love,Said She, how do you not like hysteria Hung in the system crashing,Life is ripped like a meteorite. No one but you to love can not.Hysteria is only a female thunder,Their kiss can destroy You from the problems of blazing ahead like You I’m waiting, hoping, you see,will Come and say: Honey, I’m sorry!Realized, dear! Do you believe me?!Yes, how could I, you fail! But I have to wait forever, I’m sorry, will not stifle my love forever.Love is a disease, a very bad cold But I will be able the illness be overcome! And sleep I will, like a child,I banish all thoughts of you And in your dreams, my laughter is so pure and call,But no, I already in your destiny

Of course, it is your own,you Can kill me with indifference,If in your life I extra,If you think I’m not hurt, okay, will survive,Even when broken to pieces,I would have unrequited feelings to survive,To the heart of love do not cut do Not remember me, wait for retaliation From indifference really hurts me In the sky draw the fate of the constellation,I temper is strong and its happy to Let the stifled tears go quietly I will Remember when everything is burned up The best and not the superfluous,Only the soul can’t hear you

S. Atka favorite, wonderful,A. Loewe beating heart of the Urals,So repete I’ll dedicate you a song,K AK melodically, it sounded A. the address of the native side — constant, L. Jobim you and immensely proud of Yu my ness I will remember with admiration,B. urnae it often do.And. so, sometimes, shrinks the heart,M Ozhet will come to you soon,A. you open the crystal door,Ya can’t tear away, gently, gaze N. ASHI forest, and Ural mountains,how beautiful Zyuratkul,sh. IRI unearthly, rodnye prostory,A. h, how I love you, Mother — Satka

Remember! Woman always around … (Lika Kugeiko)

Remember! Woman always around the mutual That will give, in return, shall be paid in full,Until a time she is naive,And hurt so keep away better Surround her care and love For another would never trade,but if you do it is very painful,Then to the ground angrily your level And, perhaps, just suddenly it will disappear,If indifference her heart hurt And the love will die and never rise again,Know that the woman won’t fall for it She feels what is true, what is false,And love men’s endlessly appreciate,Remember! Woman always around the mutual,take Care of your own jewel

How easy it is to lose someone you love,the woman who loves,And without it, everything else will,She was short, only Your words She wanted You to come,And concluding in his arms, whispered:— We’ll be together, it is difficult only at the beginning,We are close, so the feelings kept As simple to have her filled with tears, And forever to break, heartless, heart,You have committed a petty little business,As will not like to continue it seriously, And will remember grudges again,Torturing the soul with thoughts of sadness,Yesterday there nightingales sounded,it is very difficult to lose the love

Her heart in love, you take care, don’t break it,She came to you with faith about a lot of ways,the Fate of her life and gave burned not once,Betrayal the taste of felt, knew the pain without embellishment Her vulnerable soul, you integrally, heal,she’s the best and it was able to tame it,To believe again in the words of the male she is,And life does not beat severely broken in the past to fully love Her forever, like no one loved,As love in space forever, each other two bodies,You, as a reward flies over the vanity,It will always be there, no One need another

Women’s Christmas Metaplasia the trials of fate,Stones falling on my shoulders,Knock me maim,And all the bad things I Want to forget to build a house in the forest,Cuddling by the fireplace with you bask,Oh, happiness! So calm my heart,That we with you together forever How little I need to be,Peace, love and our happiness,You just hug me often,You just understand learn how to forgive We were only together overcome all Possible in the world of mortal and cruel,Pity me when I too bad,And kindness manage to warm me up And I’ll build in the forest house,And there we will live and our children,What could be more beautiful in the world That we with you together forever Let Your men read you this poem aloud and translate into reality:) .. happy)

I’m jealous of you, because yo… (Lika Kugeiko)

I’m jealous of you, because you’re afraid to lose, Because I was looking for the soul native so long,Every moment of my life is filled with thee, in When suddenly disappear, the heart like a sharp splinter Indifference is the worst that can be,And my love stifles it that the bend from the pain,So as much as I do, none will be able to love,You are my boundless concern, I guess, I am jealous of you, when you beat me in silence,Because I thought women’s wounded soul,That heard thy voice in the tube, dear, nice,Smile, quirky, half-day all sorrows are destroyed

Sometimes I think: Oh, how fate is cruel!What separated someone inadvertently,feeling sorry for Yourself… you’re looking for a reason why love, not really?Not realizing… he’s not your man,And nothing you don’t lost your fate feels just So perfect to prepare for the meeting,in her own conditions and Standards,We build happiness of contradictions…Not necessary to do hasty conclusions, don’t wait… live… and don’t worry about the past,You make life successful, interesting, guess you’re preparing a luxury prize…

Why you meet the scum,And introduces crafty, cunning,with All my soul you’re good,And they have evil souls, granite This year I particularly remember,as If in a maelstrom of snake I got,Sometimes I want to take and embittered,But not telling me my soul Well, year of the snake ends,hurry to Carry out his want to Let the year of the Horse occur in life,Only good I, as a prophetess, I Wish you in the coming year,Never to be duplicitous,And life, the most decisive,Will become bold and energetic

When I feel Your absence,Which will invade,With pain in consciousness,I become beautiful To the obscene,And I shall repeat myself Like a mantra: Why would I without passion, unrequited Love,There is in a man’s life,Call, achieve,Today I’m Free, harmful,May each one of them,I killed Accidentally On the page strongly,Typically the wall All the love confessions,you will See my status,With a hint of sarcastic:— Gone forever! And you didn’t hold me, You call me, But in response only silence,you will Understand that losing Native, priceless,I am the last they Organize a farewell,Forgive and be happy — Your precious

Don’t worry, when I explode like lightning in the sky,you Better hold me tight to your chest clutching,Know that in my life, I have never closer,was not Only near thee, soul endlessly alive You’re not afraid of my tantrums, crazy sometimes,I call and say I miss and love you,Know that I, like angel, wings would tuck Your soul When life, like a storm, relentless and fierce do not be afraid of my feminine tears that tear the heart apart,you Better sit next to me, eyes look they will say,Surround his woman tenderly care often,And it is not a bad character to haunt you

Burned about your indifference… (Lika Kugeiko)

Burned about your indifference, you don’t want gone altogether, Remains to me only ironic, love his sad story to write, smiling through tears, to Find a good excuse Why I loved, seriously, Well, you made love with glitter, but that’s not loved not a drop for You just because it was convenient, Yes, break my brow, rake! — I shout in my sleep, viciously And in the morning Wake up wonderful! Will hold my hand through the sky, Loving you is hard, Sorry you’re not happy then was I Believe, a happy only the one who loves, I love you very much Who love you will also be? A kiss to Wake in the night don’t call me anymore be merciful, My soul — don’t expose me, will Draw in the sky heart, I will Write… farewell, beloved

I’m not going to make the first move,Though I love you as much Without you dead soul,the Separation is considered a Disaster that swept inside me with a loud Bang,And my love froze,ended up having a nervous breakdown is to Blame just you and me,Selfish in love, in fact,the Blood of each other shamelessly drink Too hard on each other tried to Understand what was angry in vain,And tantrums are all empty,do Not stand we at the altar,If you don’t forgive a soul Without you, in the darkness, Like air, is necessary You’re my man back,step to me My Favorite

Our separation is worse than execution,I’m not so you wanted to see,my Thoughts confused in who uniform Silence went, secretly and shamelessly…I am a bundle of nerves now burnt,Crying in silence, I, like a madman,But why do I cling?I’ll calm down… and breathe out anger;Without assessing, you’re leaving me,you Know, other promises to give,Know, she, like me, you believe In the soul, its open door…Maybe the best of all of this,the soul of the Devil you laid,it Hurts me very much…but I do not pay,will be Disappointed… goodbye and good luck…

I was disappointed in the villain,Who has his hand raised at least once in women,You respect not provided,burn and insignificance in the male face…She gave birth to a child,She loved you believing That you will not turn into an angry beast,But it turned out that the soul that’s putrid…you Wanted her power to subdue,do you think everything in life to be,But a woman is more important, really, not power,Masculine qualities should appreciate…You’re a winner in the battle of life,Reliable and patience of steel,And who hit a woman will allow Only one who is insecure in himself…You better be protecting her,not for a second, that is not questioned,But only admired and was proud of,And he knows… He will always understand…

Very difficult sometimes with … (Lika Kugeiko)

Very difficult sometimes with Her,But She got so hooked On the emotions of all the poison stings,But this secret power in the dream She often comes And caresses me to shiver And question their torments:— Well, who are you dear? Tell Her, — we’ll never be together,Your character kills me,Well, and he is secretly waiting for news of That on the wall in the network throws it May well, my pride May I created an “explosion of hysterics”?I love sake, to overthrow the mountains,I love will be eternal prisoner Without Her my life will be grey,Our happiness I will not destroy,I’ll love Her with all my heart,Try to understand Her soul

I was flying over the homeland,Only she’s not there now,so I Shout at home Mother But no one open the door the Wind gently rustles the grass,And buzzing around the sunflower bumblebee,I came, mother, hear,And in response to only the bird’s trill And returned home herd,Raising road dust,I Remember my mom was so happy In her house, that someone was a Warm evening and sleeps the village In the dark sky burning star,Like the image of her cheerful,Beside me through the year Without you mommy, I’m cold,Where’s your wise favorite look,an Empty house by the window,Forlornly, longingly staring

My mother you are my most Rodnichok,but you do not need anyone I’m alive,angel, my ninamercedez light,dearest, dear person ofá Mom naughty,sassy daughter,If I sometimes hostility prinimayut the Only one I could autonomici,Happiness, health please for you Yau God Mother trust me I have all Sahasraras,do Not worry, I can handle problemami safely How much love in materialsarticle big,Remember you lullaby detstve me Mama used to sing live without you will tactile,Without a word of support, caring blagoslovenija,You’re my easy, carefree,light,Gentle poetry I’ll dedicate voshishenie

I think I’m an angel, but in exile,I was for some reason expelled from Paradise and Sent to earth as punishment,As I successfully role play Appeared in human form,to Experience how the human world works,increasingly I meet indifference,often do not have the soul of peace And the difficult are tested,Fate does not leave any chance,is Doomed to long wanderings,Doomed to sing sad ballads In a way I often meet enemies,They, with a malicious anger, ridicule,And hurt hurting my soul, tender,But a little, who would guess That evil to hurt don’t need the good angels,God, we, as children, under the protection,We in a sinful world only for contemplation,to Know human nature, poisonous

I have in the past chosen a fa… (Lika Kugeiko)

I have in the past chosen a false Path to happiness, having gone through hardships With me in the beginning will be difficult,I got Used to the freedom I have in the past often been wrong,Sometimes to break my heart,I will Not press on pity His fate Let sprinkles of pepper I have in the past love has suffered From despair dreary,Not the men I chose,Let the day will end with a rainy I’m ashamed to ask God,Have that others did not dream,in the past I have experienced a lot,But to appreciate life, I learned And I let them live very modestly,And a lot of money — hell in grace,Only for the children, pray healthy To successfully developed

Our tree sparkles with lights,wonderful shining Lights,Santa Claus comes to us with gifts In every house waiting for the feast the children Believe, to visit me going,good-Natured wizard, our, fabulous,It, through the beard, all smiles,Fit and kindly tell me: — Flew the sleigh, the whole Universe,Fulfilling the dream of waiting,I received the letter confidential,And your all the desires of the VERSE to the CHILD On the TREE(maybe will be useful)

Envy is not my format Viciously biting in the throat,In mind introducing disorder,Build their own bars Those who’s lives Life without seeing a Soul, the success of your tears,In your heart sits the offense to Entertain, foolish,evil Criticism, public,as If they are specialists,do not Care, that is not the tact I do not care deeply That my sins of others Everyone must know:— Fair life is lived? I build my life,Silently and smiling,full of Happiness! Sing!Snarls viciously not no reason at all,In the life of a stranger digging through the Sea of their problems,they would understand

Not is other people’s children,I Enjoy children’s laughter,Nothing in life is more home to Scoundrels and their hindrance And not a burden they do,Real men in life,If the mother loves them all,His good heart, radiant, He wants to get into the world Where kids live with a cute mom,a Lot of it is based on roads,but here he coveted the Happiness he will find her Enjoying the love light,And understand how the soul sings,When the mother leaves maternity leave-Nothing in life is family,Angels family, loved ones,Not is other people’s children,Past happiness pass by, Only those who realize the true Values in life,Apparently God had not given,good-Natured soul, radiant

I suddenly became Super-human,can See in the dark I’m all fine And worn around the house like a rocket to Me any difficulties subject, I Hear, in a dream, any little thing,and sleeping I actually rarely Became you something too bold!Yesterday I cried a neighbor, I still can walk silently,And sneak like a ninja around the apartment,Take your post duty,Heavy weight training, like weights That I recently became a MOTHER,AND all moms are super people,Well rounded, and ran My *head* opens the eyelids ))

When my love for you is huge,W… (Lika Kugeiko)

When my love for you is huge,When I’m without you breathing so hard,don’t hit me, you’re indifference — thunder,don’t kill me by deceit — lies When my love to you vulnerable When you I trust,don’t leave me, love,I the meaning of life without losing you And if my love’s gone,I’ll be gone from your life for sure,my Soul was covered with acrid black,Scars on the heart grow firmly From the pain love had died went out,Stopped the resentment from the heart,And the only reason I inspires power,You are the soul often close the doors While my love for you is burning,you Live only in my enamoured head You’re hold me back I live,Yet love you at you the whole point

We have reduced the fate of a sudden, suddenly,In stock at each the sea of stories,Sometimes angry soul cat scratching,feeling, put a ban-a moratorium And everyone has been burned by cheating dashing,And everyone knew the taste of betrayal is bitter,And the weight of this heavy unbearable,And echoes from the past echoes so loud But must live on and believe in love again Attempt to become happy in life,You as an icebreaker among the strata of ice,will Break them to pieces by a powerful array To each other what we want, believing that here We’ll have happiness forever In the world it happens many miracles,For our love we’ve shared in response

In the soul of unbearable melancholy,And the parting burns and choking,my voice, my lungs scream,So I want to have ears In the soul of unbearable sorrow,wrong Again God, you?I know, you all have to start from scratch,But to put the status — my *it’s complicated* In the shower unbearable disease,And called all her love,And I would have to go through and survive,put up with his pathetic rant And tear from the soul of love forever Which to breathe and live the way,Shout: — I am a free man!No my heart does not destroy

The easy way is not built to Happiness,so go very difficult road,Grins life’s bloody mouth,Wounds and stings on the heart so much Hard to go and sometimes on my knees,Falling, crying asking for mercy,And soar up in front of the stage,I willpower would get ticks And fists clenched tightly, safely,I creep up and let very painful,Wind and hail breaks all the body,I restrain myself and walk way decent I will get to this wonderful country,Happiness is called I’m able!Let me now hard in life, hard,Proudly coming to its climax it’s Hard sometimes to swim against the current,Bitter pain cry the night,o Lord, to help give us the patience,way of Life not to stop