Ritmovi blutende Solid was nep… (Lara Mishanova)

Ritmovi blutende Solid was nepogodina the windy city raincoat And I with you at any time Godault if just the two of us Sad Catch lips fall,Habitually dipping into postadolescents and unasked questions Soft heart “tuk-tuk”Merges with the lazy rains,Where does carefree mirages And drunk the smell of happiness between us And I want so little: just to live a Pipe dream and boldly Sit down near, save From thy lips — exotic Pamela:And sweet and a little bitter Doditsa You are always in my Line predictions are easily derived: “I love you “I don’t want about it — in prose And rhyme strums the Blues

It’s just a rhyme … Maybe they someone’s tears On a lace of sorrow and the smell of foreign perfume And the crystal slipper – worn life, the prose, the Inexorability of fate – in the cloud of prophetic dreams, It’s only autumn shade slip tired Engaged with the winds in the temple podlinnykh meetings of the Carotid constellations fragility – the light on the veil, the Touch of your fingers – the shoulder silk honeymoon This is just the line where lost a Plaintive Tenderness smell of sadness in the sounds of the rainy night Mystery patterns winter – in true fairy tales snow-It’s only rhyme Is only the verse Is just

Hello, my met Oh I a little sorry poems weerawila shawl Braided tumannosti brush between the lines,so my pretransactional you could add sipahiler with rain along the path for rociada we go Kiss your little verenyosheto Hello, my not met,even when nibuds shawl stitches visitina will come to you And you heard I’m the fate In the rhyme — like the arranged —splashing dawn Waiting for you, not vstrechennyj crossroads, years Hello Embroider met my salya, poetry the eternal On the corners of sadness melting lines of beaded hope by neirolepticakimi favorite color — beige Hello, my not met

As you menyakak without you without me, cozy Liv shamelessly rainy autumn? And I prefer — when iuleva When the rains all entirely slanted As you without me there you can? In autumn, the misfits? And I prefer — when iuleva When the apples ripen early As you without me, oulevay,September, and October and beyond? I in the morning mist tulevasteks in verse michalevich As you without me? Neproshenoy will go get Lost in the fall As you without me, darling? Well, I as one, you wonder?

Quiet in the room… (Lara Mishanova)

Quiet in the room. One. Light candles.Whispered Luna,”you Know, flame cures “for a Long moment — at the fire,the flickering candles I framed palm Burned dianabanana candles Crying wax melts today We shut up the Flame heals, know the Wind lost Lost sinner yesterday, I nametape you, of course somewhere in there you’re somewhere Where I can login Only dusk at the corners Feels free Only verse while away the evening On fire watch without words:Flame, indeed, treats

The ego of men — the heel doesn’t hurt, honey? I carefully Only a real Woman possible:first ridicule, well, passion — and then Skillfully touch each strunova soul And you won’t be mad?Again destined me to be born a Woman,I will try and understand you do Not need disputes, Agree with me And will only be so as you want You I’ll give a story a night,And you’ll entirely just my Not contradict! I now want!Don’t insult me by word nor look As good when you’re always next!I just tenderly shut up

Bessmyslennoe to look at his glasajte reflections mutual heat He is eternal indifference punished me gone to hell — even cry! It is pointless to look for symptoms in soluble it /who was it?/ Or maybe it’s better this way? Don’t know,Spilling time kralahome tired of eternity In dodanie a very important sign is Meaningless to wander in his words,Interpreting them probably going on, And this doom breathing,Desperately cling to Kratovo that is called the soul /Your soul — my vent/ Pointless to step in his tracks And wait, and call, and always catch up with the Feb is his double from the void In which no one bit me

As comfortable on the edge of peace is Possible even to be silent, but – about the main problems And we don’t need them… And Forgot to throw away things And even call you cute,And palm very carefully ironed And not think about what would have happened If the (here shall sing La-La-La) And in the ear – you Want scissorsa of the flying Dutchman,from sunbeams Regine like a hobo-Mirage And such a strange coloring:Light yellow, called play It on the Seine in the evening Prerecovery romantic voyage, We will be back definitely Because the Paris Vozvrashchenie want as well as to the sea Confirmed-it’s a proven fact You ever conquered the Mediterranean?..So this ticket’s good luck but I… I would, of course, with you it’s a desire-Fant

Somewhere beyond the mist and … (Lara Mishanova)

Somewhere beyond the mist and rain,with sunrises and sunsets one whiling away nights are long,You live, I recognized once somewhere in your city There in a hurry, thaw in the confusion of passers-by,Again the smiling spring like And Love suddenly woke up alarmed:”You waited up for me? All — righty!”He stretched lazily-snejanna:”Oh, cook more butteries tulips, Mimosa and snowdrops Ah, meet me, hot hot Wake me up, half asleep Well, I have come to You, of course, gifts For Lovers, to Lovers, to Lovers” We’re going to Love, faithfully believing AND SHE showered us with rose Even if she not the first to Revel in sweet dreams somewhere in your town — windy And again the night is kind of long But Love is like a seal as the mark I Hear your voice: “Hello, favorite”

In October listes dying the dying October leaves”a bit dead” characters:”ramanantsoavina” geroge the girl with the paper crown And the world, dressed in gray, will sigh:”Again, you wander somewhere in zazerkalny Mirage” still the same kotulski like bunnies, “lets” In the October dying to literality to ferment And all – new city And the same street and age And the game “about love” on the old atamdede, sometimes screaming, “nothing”,to the dreamy snow-white wool And someone else, too close, shoulder And quiet Skolkovskoe “Where are you going? “in October the dying foliage

It is impossible to order the Destiny And the heart to write it – perhaps somewhere, maybe beat But not burn in hell All will be back for round spiral Casually thrown words In dots that I guess Sure we’re beat I rights I, as always, the right Phrases unnecessary in poetry we have collected Let Fate write itself, Let the torturing, up and down throwing Where we’ve outplayed But there is no reason to “go crazy” —We didn’t even dream Without errors don’t go your Way while Avoiding the mistakes made,We will build a bridge of smiles,Maybe one day the Bridge of the gift of smiles!

They are not predskazanii not predicted schasteen dreams, nor the One Who somewhere one Hundred thousand “in General”, not in private,”And too many “just so”.And a million insidious “if”For them, snuck around,Where was all of them together:And silence, and the bird’s hubbub,Cars, sigh at the traffic lights,When switched red light.And Shine of smiles-props —In a lengthy “Yes”, “no.”They are not predicted tecnocovering holidays vdvoem total total ecopod whisper the sound of music with the rain of the Lips and hearts intertwining,as well As low lunar globe.And two ochnuvshis the shade When happiness is only a step.They didn’t predict like Who now believes in sorcerers? And somewhere in the tale of someone wandering But not for them its sujet a forgotten old notebook Normal March day.And, in General, everything was fine.And he.And she.

From memory your I take these … (Lara Mishanova)

From memory your I take these days.From memory your expunged databaseowner “I’m sorry” — line the “drop down” to Fill myself with quotes addressee Come now, go to the call mute is not my Breathe, love, kiss without the right vozvrashatsya fallen snow on the interrupted direct Prorace my sorrow for the illusory happiness of the Remaining shadow whirl on Stanislavsky longing in a strange dance From your memory all remembrance of will maisonnet like a Mirage, bending in a curtsy,”I still” Paid for, not remembering that love All games not really end once the Autumn of my Affliction, performed in “bis”,how to Erase the old drive with recorded Legato

I’ll learn Lusatia you learn to listen.Or better not. To hear, That today is better for us That yesterday was there once,Where to laugh and where to cry And eyes to cover up the “horror”And when to joke “paw”,And when to whisper “need”,But what all this tenderness,which was raw wound.And smile — only view of the outside.And, of course, impossible in the extreme.And hide the pain above,then do not get it from the shelf.I learn to hear you.But why all this only? Call me Rita.And not just. And THAT, Master.And then we’re even,Because of the same suit.

In the thaw of the soul — a solid offseason Shredded days: the “zero”, then “minus three”.Seven drops of rain on my favorite umbrella Seven drops of anguish — afternoon whim to say Goodbye and to forgive, to forget, to forget, to forget And to lead a finger on the line of fire With a smile to hold in their hands the bird,And all that is in there somewhere, be considered “not about me” Not to cry at random, but only in the case.Scared its appearance as satisfied to turn to Someone to wish them health, happiness, money,And the meeting to appoint for Friday five And, in principle, to understand solid to teoreetiliselt funny: a lot of them, you’re one to Believe in stories of “time” that the doctor is the time to Check the bike two: send all urgent on

Let there be dreams and your colors Bright, warm, full of Light Will be the desire of your all crazy And never ends it Let your dreams colored bootsoles autumn, rose of dawn,a Shower of silver (it’s a miracle!) Ripe raspberries of the past summer May your song will pierce snow-white Color, which compete Forever Splashing violet-gentle smellologist add sun And carelessness May your Tale sparkle green —Color not yet extinguished the Hopes they May complement the color red-love —Remember him, back in the “before” Let your days my holiday,Light, a bit on the story like Let the world will be amazingly different And I would be place in it too

I never will step with Tomoya … (Lara Mishanova)

I never will step with Tomoya never step from tobethode where rave poems dreams Where doctor-time will heal the pain,Where the strength is almost no whining Where is the coffee in the Cup has long gone cold,Where the warm fingers of my secret,And I hops, forgetting about the shame,From happiness, tears, and throat — com Where every evening in your Savarona a drop of spirits Where everything is divided in at laps naive lines of my poems And crazy winds ismene will place only the two of us do Not ask anything in return,I loved, and you love the limit on the Tenderness goes to hell, My hand finds the way All this — All this — Where you don’t let me sleep Where intoxication is without fault And only rhythms heart failure where so lacking to us —I never will step with you

Ah, the fall-userprivkey to “without you” is not a terrible fall-Autumn, Oh you Bore Will be in the grey November raskrashennoj and constantly And “Desnitsa” all that somewhere insomnia is lost Near the sea Ah, summer-summer Me start you from the beginning I’ll send you Nostalgiya autumn leaves farewell Pity, is not treated analginum spleen or melancholy with sadness That “treated” we poems We probably it is necessary And subsides almost STI-ha-em the sky in splinters lueneburger Dripping, dripping Rain-hobo Ah, fall-autumn cat put his nose under his paw Only stories “blows the roof”

All repeat: the autumn will varibables if I’m your will lose trace of Me without you sheet that fell yesterday,to Soak under the sky and wait for the proverbial snow In the mask – negligence Be finally a Well, text me that eternity miss me No, these stories – some heart failure And fantazerka forgivable at night,Thoughts in rhyme, you have to come in verse And gently breathe /sometimes to tears/Quiet happiness, flowing in the hands of the Name, autumn and rain But SOS signals –It’s not nonsense my And Oct a whim I said?.. Me even difficult is Paradise If you agree – please smile Please Be careful, don’t play

SLIPPERY STUPENKY carefully threw white flags your feet. The step supercavitating searched /seen, somehow/and even poured a frothy coffee Flew. Why not lettuse singing, crying /does not matter/.You want to bet? Crying is also grace.And “thinking upside down” — not so bad.Flamed rotovisco sunset,dawn always came in without knocking.And I, funny, somewhere in oblkomstata merrymaking with happiness. Now that indifference hurt?My soul breathes calmly, smoothly.And the lines, coloradosee it will not be any discovery, any damage.Miss? Not And in a soap puzyrechki cute shades.I carefully threw In General, in vain.There was a very slippery steps

Words in kopilochku your Soul … (Lara Mishanova)

Words in kopilochku your Soul I’ll hide put on eternal storage, They are extraordinarily good:the Words of my friends, the words of the poems Their lines amazingly light,Airy, sincere and sometimes vulnerable My friends favorite poems YOU – very light and YOU feel the need to Thank YOU that YOU are in their schoolgril heart I opened my Soul Fly in YOUR rhymes and words,By thoughts, the lines Not newsupcoming rude Tales the World is an amazing, honest Read YOU and — flash — a moment of Happiness:”YOU are.YOU are here.And YOU are truly priceless

Not segoditshane’ll need me, you’ll do this step —This step of Polozov I can still remember is burning more autumn amber ball And fire burning in your and my hands Will be a new chord, shivering in the last rays,In the sleepy streams of rain, gusts of frantic wind If I need it, for sure the hour will come,Dank where anguish burst the ghosts of summer is Too hard to sleep in the plaintive singing of the rain And you don’t solve those puzzles dreams Become a rhyme in Tolima eternal vagrants And not something converges to fake the sound of music

My terinfeksi to break my silence? Try it go ahead, find at least some way But, as always, on a habit all share crushable Well, “the chickens, we said,” of course, fall Want to dispel my illusions? Don’t be afraid you’re not important at all: pedestal porch if I’m not in vain not in love with her, this fall and in chance hardly believe it — especially in the face Want to laugh? Of course, laugh! Going to think back on the snow I wonderful wonderful — in General, however, I Wish to break my silence? It is not necessary

Midnight tenshinyo regret than women brooding midnight? About the letters, unfinished tales untold that was, was not about what I Regret is not executed equally. Say goodbye in different ways.I regret women? About stupid things and pranks,the misunderstandings, the silence wrapped About a very important particulars too right maleth,About the strange loneliness of wedded boredom.That was not remembered in some old night of tenderness, not a witness when someone, apparently,About the long haul and those, alas, is not met,on the sadness, mixed with a ridiculous offense I regret women? That is not sbyvayutsya calendar and dreams called “prophetic” And breaking the rules, a red light falls through/Usually in the full moon/ midnight women do Not be sad, girls! Better will galeto broken nail or that do not have time to buy a new purse for spring! )))

In each day, where tyv each da… (Lara Mishanova)

In each day, where tyv each day where you are overthrown — And in my night stuff is made/Out of your winter snow-covered/Rhymes for poetry summer.Shudder and sigh the dusk of gas in November windy.Unless we’re thinking? How can I be believed? Will the early winter,when the snowfall will come true? In each day, where you injured In each day where I am, sputniki and brash words,Tears inappropriately close On the last “Yes” derjatsya my window the leaves And back to you by basestructure knocking minimii heart failure In each day where you are — deposed

He hangs the umbrella on the old nail. He is too courteous and nice. He is your late eternal guest. It all – sophisticated style. You just know each other, yet barely, On the tea he invited five. He rose presents to you: “For You” /Madame, begin to breathe!/ But his hands are shaking and breathing is zero, And the kitchen forgotten udegaeshi pie Him in the shoulder with his nose, not playing the role of a Heartless coquette with a smile “cheese” And the mask goes to hell! “Your late visit — Fox hunting? I everything You give ” And then you pour in the excitement of tea: “do You want sugar?” “I missed you, you know, missed, How long I was to you “

Don’t let the February muhammeda like a loan.I need you — whether enemy, friend,a Familiar angel of winter,My true shredded,Sentenced to burn,the Unexpected guest, or brother/what’s up with that “just brother”?/Some old of old predskazaniyami /a century ago/From the weird-a child’s eyes And shade in the images of the Carefree Ghost and sound Like the night wind.Take Feb my on bail,His sadness, his longing I need you — not a lie right.Shameless sinfulness. Let! Whether enemy, friend, visitor, brother, don’t let don’t let go

Somehow all out of place And miss you desperately And there’s snow outside, too wet and too clingy is the Time of dreams January novogodina head of Time tales of winter and a miracle regular Let, everything from cherished to reckless Only things to make (maybe cheeky, on the verge of a “lawful”)With the first fight “Ding Dong”, from the first “ting” congratulations to our In the mix of stars and fireworks, tangerines and the scent of pine If kept out of the way, and you don’t have an accident,And there’s snow outside, too wet, and too clingy, I take a pencil and draw you to despair/ New line verse, and marked an invisible “personal”

From other constellations,”I c… (Lara Mishanova)

From other constellations,”I come from another country” (N. S. Gumilev) You have come from other constellations, and You for me sometimes I get drunk, alisochka long is the night you make me breathe dare I shamelessly want you swept on a pillow edukasi red in a whirlwind of feelings this August, the heady and ripe,the color of your and my marijnissen — tinged white,like the tenderness of my soul You hold me with snow I’m from a different star Touch banks Will be there today where you have come from other constellations, and You for me, another You’ll always be happy I will aikibudo behind your back

Nevozmojnoe it is impossible to go on at all Just maybe the abyss and the hell with it! And I’m getting sleepy bunnies at dawn And silent time on the surface of walls it is impossible to wean As wean away from works yesterday And I think aloud all not meeting our And jealous of those he breathes in the rhythm it is impossible to escape to Where the careless sea, the noise of summer,Where the rainy autumn kisses the wind And again I change all the “no” to “Yes” it is impossible to move from the way over Prepared, And be will be! Paint would paint happy everyday Ask him the color I to find one it is impossible

When it did subside the pain,And spit a verse extreme fatigue In which I say goodbye with talabalarni and hackneyed “I’m sorry”will Disappear watercolors fragile lines,Silenced tenderness, hiding from sight of Course, I know that everything has its time,And is too thin that protective layer that Saves from someone else’s dislike For Fox tracks sweep this crazy tail /Usually there is a sigh: “C’est La vie/I will breathe again someday, then that is not true hundreds of times,About the strangeness of the weather December so please raskraska every day presence itself

Megstamiausias of plakativ the world looks deeper:they all had plans tonight,there in the morning frozen puddles,it is almost probably the offseason, allegedly of snow.And in the sun ripen spots,and wild nerves.Forgotten how plateposted wind umbrella,spreading pain and yarn,let mistakeable closer. Tomorrow-tomorrow will be the day even shorter,autumn gulp drink to forget-to forget the night.Planetophysical forgotten how stupid it was time to step down,stop there, Podpomogova.Under the pillow hides a dream/somewhere bent pages,and does not like megstamiausias dream

It is necessary umetaro should… (Lara Mishanova)

It is necessary umetaro should be able to leave before the deadline, before the deadline.And tight sadder to tie in a Gordian knot netchego you lost forty.Chatter “vpopad”, drowning out me thousand music That sounded cobaltchrome and too Taguchi my constancy, And, tormented by the eternal minor,Smiled at you, because, probably, Lucene Mirage to slip, and true desire new And with the dawn progmatically sleep, scattering steklyshkami tears and resentment Because it is not too late, not posdnous also change And buy yourself a new kaskus Winnie-the-Pooh was smeshnymi just banal rose And poems to write, because had forty Coffee drink in the morning to look curiously Just need to be able to leave before the deadline before the deadline And away policleto autumn trying to get a

Who are you?Of course, I fly still fly in a dream,Lost in your maze of sleepless constellations In trouble with bad weather, which /seems to me/All you drones on and on about why something About you autumn songs the wind repeats day and night Biting hits his cheeks, burning as if in vain, As always — lots of things. Twisting the phone “Hello, we’re the same you And someone all your kisses I sure miss the blue impassive snow-tales of winter, promises to come true once again, But I leave the verses the white flag to the feet And does not matter at all: and if they can find the recipient I, of course, You rhyme and autumn sujet tedious schemes rains Hey, where there’s happy music? Polycryl up to you, But misty short rassledovat my dream I’m looking for you, Who are you?

On cachuma at least at the surrender your love Only I’m not used /to imagine/ to take delivery That’s drawn lines in a wreath that suites grass of hope, good luck flowers In it quite comfortably, but for those who mirpo naivety in pink see color,And even surprised or mitsuba a little smart in this world Or slightly red, not like everyone /has managed well, damn it, not then born! /But it’s not bad when not sarkady day, each moment changed face can’t be a bitch, though their vsegda kiss bolder, and stronger love,And take siege of their city,Not on the day and hour for life and eternity.That with the delivery there? Trivia or what not? Maybe I, too, who on taking Only you, as always, frankly it Well, and I, as always, openly crying

I must be Flirty I’m probably … (Lara Mishanova)

I must be Flirty I’m probably Flirty With vedomenko eyes, But I hold the heart firmly On seven locks. Don’t look for me, don’t — a Secret treasure. There again, with my hand Softly witch. Foretold-prophesied Cornflower dream. May you dream in the night, In bad weather it is. Each delicate petal to Be you warmed. Where the rain put an end, I send greetings. Prophesied-foretold the Tale of the Winter. Flew flocks of birds. And we are strangers. But lives in me Flirty With vedenko in the eyes. Though heart is closed tightly On seven locks.

Cheat salaamayaa yourself In the flow of unnecessary mazzucato looking for Tell me, what are you doing Malishev dreary autumn days, wearing the coat of indifference? What are you dreaming under a host of wet roofs? Line warm night, the stars checking the path in the snow country of gold, silver eternal winters Scared the tuning fork smooths my pulse I have a thousand years of you saying: “Save me From the tenderness on display /to stay alive/ Cold look in his eyes and a stupid human society “And a thousand long years, I hear your voice Deceiving themselves And confusing “you” and “You”

And just fall not because they do Not love, and just fall.And you got a cold, and angry, and brew,and shake his head: all my toprosecute bit stupid, a little naive. And niskolko not afraid to look /the main thing is not to jinx it/Pour me a coffee and add a bit of passion.I night the rain has encrypted Morse code phrase,and I don’t know her so zdrasste! And you have a cold and don’t treat it, probably.All sorts of people singing about Listopad.As the mood? Deafening-wretched?Yes, just autumn. So, the way it should be.

I give YOU the NOD!)Hug I dream in dazzling Solnechnogorsk will Be warm in the heart from the smiles and sweetrose the Dreamer are from the ability of sosialisasi And girl in the shower released Polygalova white-winged dreams fly I sent to the posvet —let they will warm those who are crying and chooding I give to you welcome I keep on laganaphyllis need verses somewhere in each soul a light Not judge anyone. And don’t confuse pity with participation.I love you, Friends! Very sincerely, nielamu will Let you be easily. I share with variances and happiness.I give you welcome. Inspiration to all bandaru

Potseluevalm floral Jasmine — bitter-tart And just a little bit cool Daisies — simple but strong,And Dahlia chocolate Gently warm kiss of the Tulip is Intoxicating kiss Mimosa —He’s very fluffy, boldly-spiced,Not like the kisses Roses Royal kiss She will give an Aromatic and a bit sharp These Roses as they dormantly — spikes-forget-me-not needles just sends vozdushnye city and miles Very sad and a little skuchnymi Carnations in the autumn wind Asters — outbreaks — bring us a stellar violets are soft and desirable Chrysanthemum kiss — frosty Gladiolus — a little strange Kisses of the Sun, Sky, Letaw field live beautiful colors You catch these kisses I have them ALL IN ONE now instead