Do not read out loud between t… (Konstantin Melihan)

Do not read out loud between the lines, and gets it right between the eyes!

As Komar: well, it killed the book.

As a woman wants love! First she makes herself believe she does; then tells himself that is loved; and then inspires all his beloved.

The harder the work, the easier it is to get hired.

We evaluate ourselves according to the plans, and other results.

Little to make an appointment to the doctor is necessary to him still survive.

Man can do everything… (Konstantin Melihan)

Man can do everything. If it is to make.

Sex resembles the work of the engineer: one more move and you’ll be in heaven sooner than I would like!)))

A good manicure can not only decorate the woman, but the man’s face

What distinguishes the genius from the original? Genius first comes where we’re all going. And the original first came out there where no one goes.

Charity — when a rich man donates thousands to the poor, with a clear conscience to Rob them of millions.

The woman bends the line, until it would form a family circle.

How much alcohol consumed! It drives me crazy !

Sometimes, as would make the idea sharp, the head becomes dull.

We are accustomed to return good for good and sothe so long waiting, who will start first.

The woman’s age, like wood, can be identified by the rings.

Kissing, like jumping with a parachute from a protracted breathtaking.

No matter whether you believe in God, but it is important-whether He believes in you

Amputation — last attempt to lose weight.

When a person praises you, you think: “So that’s what I am!” and when he scolds, I think, “now what is it!”

The husband was faithful,the wife should be a widow

Sometimes it is necessary to know a person better, as I want to send him away

A true gentleman will never be able to watch how a woman carries gravity, so he turns away

Never ask a person for what he loves you: it is worth it to think about it, how can it be that love you and not for that.

Criticism is poison for the weak and medicine for the strong.

Don’t be scared if you are one. Scary if you’re zero!

First he declares his love one who has weaker nerves.

Women need men to have money, but men need money to have women.

KONSTANTIN MELIHAN “Thoughts and aphorisms of don Juan”to keep love, it is necessary not to change but to change. Woman faithful in two cases: when it considers that her man anyone not like, or when it considers that all men are the same. Angry wives put husbands bumps and good horns. The groom have the patience to postpone the wedding day, but don’t have the patience to postpone the wedding night. Many ladies therefore are invincible, that nobody wants to win. Don’t worry, if your wife was someone before you: it is worse if it has, someone will come after. When time is short there is no friendship, only love. Don’t brag that your wife is the best: women can be offended, and men will want to be sure the Sensualist does not buy gifts, because the gift is always with him. The Council wife. Can’t cook — learn to cook at least to that of her husband. Can’t find the key to a woman — try to pick up a woman to your key.

The youth feel that happiness … (Konstantin Melihan)

The youth feel that happiness in old age – what it was.
Women and robbers a lot in common: they both love gold, especially someone else’s; and they like to throw money down the drain; and they like to attack their prey at night; and those and others do not like it when they are given a lot of years.
Women can do everything, just some shy.
GENTLEMAN. 1. The man who will always ask permission to smoke the owner of the house even if the house — пожар2Джентльмен always yield to the lady on the road, if together, not to walk on the sidewalk.3Джентльмен always miss lady forward, if the slit on her dress in the back)4Джентльмен never asks a lady how old she is, and asks what year she graduated high school.5Джентльмен always ask for forgiveness before you do what forgiveness is not
When a man lacks the courage to approach a woman, he thinks she wouldn’t he went.
Experienced editor not finish until the end even the aphorism.
A woman is like ice cream: not lash out at her immediately, and she melted herself.
The more a woman revolves around the mirror, the more men revolves around women!
Love, dry, and without love harden.
Gentleman likes to ask him in debt a large sum: the more you ask, the easier it is to refuse.
Beauty is a womans wealth. Wealth is the beauty of men
The fire of love burns the brightest, if you throw money in it.
True love is not afraid of anything. Even the registration of marriage.
Smart drink until, until he gets well, and a fool – until, until he will be sick.
A woman marries in order to spend more time with the man, and the man marries in order to spend less time on the woman
The love of parents to their children, stronger than children to parents. Parents may not love each other, but live together for the sake of the children, and the children can throw parents for the sake of love to a completely random person.
And French shoes, and Russian delight: French, when they wear, and the Russian, when I shall take.
Little to find a cool woman, you must know what she’s going for it.
Men all over the surpass of women: and wisdom, and stupidity.
Some women are shy, even too shy to refuse men.

The first man says to the woma… (Konstantin Melihan)

The first man says to the woman “my dear”, and then “too expensive”.

Happiness calls us on the phone, knocking at our door, stalking us on the street But we always are in a hurry.

A woman is like a guitar. Difficult to configure, and easy to upset.

The cheapest way to impress a woman is to give her expensive gifts.

Once Peter brought from abroad in Russia, sunflower, potatoes, tomatoes, coffee, tobacco. Now it turned out that he brought that little.

Experience helps a woman to marry, a man to be unmarried!

Talent is doing for the fans and a genius for posterity.

A woman always knows what she wants from her man, but not always knows what she wants from him myself.

Not so bad when the husband and wife have only one bad when of it he did not necessary.

The idea is usually a magistrate and feeling accused.

Alcohol is what usually connects the male and female, but separates husband and wife.

What the fortune teller sees the man on the palm, usually written all over his face.

If the lady has fallen, the gentleman always will help her up, the fool will pass, the philanderer will fall next.

There are things, which you will not tell even close. Only a stranger.

A beautiful woman usually suffers from two diseases: delusions of grandeur and delusions of persecution.

For men work – a second home, and for women the house is a second job.

Married women should be rewarded with the medal “For the victory”, married men — the medal “For courage”, and the blank — medal “For the defense”.

A man wants to reduce love to the size of pleasure, and the woman wants to increase the love to the size of happiness.

When the man is sick, he’s looking for a woman, and when he is well, he is looking for another one.

Male molchalivy women: love forgets all the words, but a married man does not have time to get a word in.

Music unites everyone except the neighbors.

A man shouts to be heard, and a woman to understand it.

His wife has one child more than the husband.

Admire the beauty, kindness and love.

Not a woman after marriage becomes worse, and the requirements for it are higher.

Alone, tormented, and society is tiring.

The woman is easier to love than to confess his love. And the man is easier to admit than to fall in love.

If a woman quickly surrendered to the man, it’s not his merit, and all those who had her before!

If a person hides from you you… (Konstantin Melihan)

If a person hides from you your treason, then he still loves you.

Love the one you live, if you can’t live with someone you love.

The first impression of a person is the most loyal, because he does not know what to hide from you.

A man loves a woman if she says she’s like his mother, and fell out of love when she tells me that she looks like her.

The woman quickly seems someone does not like long and resists to someone you loved, because loved her, I want to look good, and with unloved do not seem to be ashamed and bad.

Not enough to get to the gate, we still miss the goalkeeper.

A man can love, but to change, and the woman may not change, but not love.

Say: “What a woman wants, God wants,” but do not agree that only God knows what she wants!

Truly loves not the one who keeps saying, “I love you!”, and the one who all the time asks: “do You love me?”.

Don’t hide your age, and then you give more.

If your husband started to follow the fashion, begin to follow her husband.

Spit on someone you can’t beat.

Hurry, love! And then you will overtake the friendship!

The writer is not one who writes and those who read.

All the neighbors bad, but the top worse than bottom.

To love a woman at first sight, and falling out with a woman is possible with the first word.

If you agree, check to see whether you.

A woman loves a man because he loves her. A man loves a woman because he loves them all.

When husband and wife don’t want to hear each other, they hear the neighbors.

If guests are bored, tell them a joke. And if you do not go, tell it a few more times.

When a woman tells a man that she’s cold, he thinks needs to embrace her, and she is what he needs to buy her a fur coat.

Nowhere is revealed in bed.

The words “I have lived an interesting life,” and “I have lived an uninteresting life” sound the same sadly.

Don’t tell the person the truth when they want to meet him: leave it in case when you want to break up with him.

The husband loves his wife until, until you love another woman. The wife loves her husband to the grave, and then to the tomb of another man.

Sometimes a woman refuses rapprochement with the man, not because he didn’t like her, but because she is afraid not to please him.