Handfuls of autumn gold listve… (Galina Belysheva)

Handfuls of autumn gold listverse generously, dust covering the road.Let’s ask her unimitable last, but first, can I represent that we are in love again, Believe again in the miracle of the impossible. Lips your lips gently touch and kiss Not the wind blow But his lips are hot, irregular pulse, And again we think Yes. And tomorrow it will rain, it will wash away postive to leave a hasty decision. But Indian summer is not the rainy season And the morning will bring with you an Epiphany I released into the sky cranes,the Impermanence of them, a Mirage, a vision You were all I was not his relatives what a shame – the game of imagination

In the Kingdom of crooked mirrors I built a castle of air.And she stayed there, twisted laws obedient. This castle used to be dominated by love, behind the mask concealed the cold.She grinned back: “calm on, try it, hunger” Happiness bubbles there sparkled under the light about.Long they lived, had to tread carefully And according to curve genre, the Prince was too, And without a Prince?It phantom a lot of charm, under the camisole — patched jeans. So I lived, not knowing — my world is woven the thread of illusions,Real life, the other outside the window, with happiness and sadness And then came the cold, in the heart of the lie stuck a sharp leaving from castle trail, sweeping the dreams of newly-fallen snow Let me cold, alone, but all mine without cheating.Better really bitter and cruel, than castles in the air Germany!

Perekrashivat all. You’re a nobody. Further, the choice for me. The intersection.Three roads go: right, left and right.Yesterday up, today decreased growth,And will not leave thee now of the outlined framework. There, on the left you fleeing, strive to stay And I, you know, already tired of this strange pendulum —That will destroy love, then again, will magnify the Kingdom.Endless story for mediocre pulp novels. And on the right is you. Our life unlived story.Somewhere in the distance is the house, one that was not built Narodenia children ride with mountains on sled,a spring Garden in bloom. There is only us here both. If just look, see the autumn rains and separation you Again. And dreams of love barely audible echo.It’s all a Mirage. We are strangers to long for each other, That’s all. You’re a nobody. Further, the choice for me. The intersection.

Since I love well play! Feelings — bets at stake at the casino of love. I kiss is easy and easily forgotten, And can write a bunch of crap! For example: I say I still remember That dream you were transcendent peaks That were the first (last) my love, now remain part of you soul. I lie a virtuoso that piously believed In the uniqueness of our love unearthly, And then with tears: “I want back My beloved, my Prince, my welcome hero!” Watch your climb rate the Crowd closer to the table with a foot knocking the dealer. Greedy glances burn, from hair pins Fall out. Flies and beads of a necklace. That’s nice Someone nice fortunately, Someone beads (why would they???) sneak — in his pocket. I for all remaining “genuinely happy”! Better to gnaw off a paw falling into the trap!

There is the beginning of the … (Galina Belysheva)

There is the beginning of the end, where the words turn into the abyss Like stones. Not heard from a soul.And entreaties, and reproaches powerless to help. Useless.Only raindrops autumn grief on the eyelashes trembling. There is the beginning of the end, which is not persistent mislio you awake. And almost disappear from his dreams.And, as the buckets empty, swinging on coramylase of destiny against thee in invisible bowls of scales. There is the beginning of the end, where they lose the enthusiasm of the meeting.Indifferent — “Hello” and casually — yet a sigh of Relief as I hurriedly answer Knowing that I was now irrevocably distant.

all goes along with fall;Leaves fall, leaves fall leaves fall all year round.With this fall just impossible to deal raves no clouds On the sky like nasty, overcast and hope the sun is no Parting and meeting hastily and in her purse there’s a ticket for Forever or can be? No answer to my question before Leaving, I want to go to forget that soul you came to me rooted Leaves under foot, the path was Carefully savourily gonna do it, Who can tell me now: is it necessary to prolong our common misfortune Carry with them the first meetings leaves a bitter memory about you shut up if I can’t do and will go again light don’t watch me go don’t hold grudges (even now silly lie) Let inside through the cold everything hurts but still I can’t here it… it’s time… sit down on the track…

“I’m afraid of losing you, I afraid to lose you” — So saying again and again, like a prayer, repeat by heart. Let the other with you now, and words of love for her But in the window my candle for you day and night. You know, think about me — this idea speeds up pulse.Sorry just feel in a dream, how soft your lips would taste. I can give all that is, nothing Ty.All the insults to endure, to forgive Each time, starting from zero. You’re my island when the sea is stormy, threatening wave of life.Among the storms and the winds saying, “I am with you, near! Hold on!” I have the fate handed to you as reward in hard way,I don’t know how I ever lived, his soul keeping locked up? My joy, forgive me that sometimes doesn’t keep the reproach,He, like tears, mushroom rain, the sun will sink in the sand. This fear creates sadness, forcing you to repeat again:”I’m losing you I’m afraid, I’m afraid to lose you”

What is the forecast we have today, honey?)Morning. Coffee. Cigarette. And your words are in “offline” —That you tired to be a poet that got fed up with attention. You again picked a fight — all of your character’s obnoxious:”Tender to be akin to shame impregnable will stale!” Understand problem Again swooped down, circling a vortex.We are not up to the poem I will wait until subsides, You’re kind, nice, tender, and therefore no resentment. Well, a little rebellious so the Rest of the show. You know, he’s the boy, re-enters the arena — He girls pigtails at school, pulled into the recess. I say with a smile — he lives in you still,But does not prevent the Present to be a Man.

Leave poetry to You, Not going… (Galina Belysheva)

Leave poetry to You, Not going to close the page.My words gentle, quiet But not like You Tits. Catch the sky crane, and I’m tired of being tame.Was hoping, as you can see, nothing that will be forever with me. When tire hunting, want soul peace,Resentment flooded my poems will comfort You perhaps remember the words of unpretentious delight.You thirsty, like water, let it be in the heat of summer — cool will Warm You up in hard frost, and in solitude let me remind you That I loved You seriously as before, a warm home full. And, not trying to return everything, (Love is probably the term for it),I bless Your Path. Go with God! Off doubt! You can’t force love. And You are not to blame.In my poems WE will live, not knowing the pain of loss.

We go with you in the dislike — Go from “was” to “will not”.Before it all — party,And now our world has become crowded. Love continuing to grow stupid,I Learn to see and not see,to Be in an isolated place in the crowd, As in a Museum Tussauds — the visitor. Even the sweet losslosing I’ll learn not to hear. The fall Yes spring rain,At night, drumming on the roofs will Learn independent uidprincipal, the insult without wincing.Let everything inside is screaming and hurts,In dislike I retreat in silence. Let our fresh “yesterday”,Learn it “tomorrow” not to remember.Learned? I would have long paramir you not to try to fill.

Utrennyaya negotiating the sun of spring awaken I pretend I’m a Princess sleeping.Pink rave glow of a pearl.In the heart of the anxious tenderness poignant.Thoughts filled fabulous night,thy Passion and unbridled affection.Hot breath, feel the shoulder.And realize that this madness of Mind the voice quieter, slurred Hear you whisper: “Wake Up, Love?”Sleepy kitten Progres in the arms.Even for a short while, but very happy the Pain recedes, bugs studied fine Morning with the beloved man.Lips to lips, as if exhausted with thirst,taste bitter Only kissing ash You comfort: “fear Not, all will come true baby pillow from tears, was wet “And the carousel, the world will spin it’s you and me that matters to us.

I remember that meeting…I had a Love That was the only real one That was hidden in my heart, I looked and could not see a lot,Like a traveler in the desert, Tormented by thirst Looking at unreachable oasis Mirage Not to reach life-giving moisture,But the eye it is impossible to withdraw Why do you keep coming into my dreams?As you live, love?Do you remember our meeting in letsema yellow light of the lampposts, snow? You are the most dear and bright That there was (is?) in my life I think that I can see but I know I hold the fingers unclenched again the emptiness

And I would have to learn not … (Galina Belysheva)

And I would have to learn not to shout: “come Back!” the one who was going to go.And attitudes to act rashly, to the point of no return remained.And I would have to learn to forgive when the offense burns the soul,Slam the door no key, safe from access to the outside.And I would have to learn to forget that to forgive is not able to do.Unnecessary excuses not to look, and noble is not considered a motive.And I live like a foolish child, and all who are betrayed, I want to pray Though my life is halfway reached And I still have to study and learn And I would I would learn to remain silent And I would have to learn not to scream And I would have to learn not to forgive And I would have to learn to forget

Only you don’t have a little Black as a cat, fluffy paws —evening over the city, a quiet sadness Me comfortable with him, not want to cry Only miss you a little Well where you roam, the happiness of our love again before morning eyes are not closed But still nice and quiet,Only thing missing is you a little bit Cute, love, funny and thorny,You’re in the mood mobile, as mercury May be, there is someone closer and better Only miss you a little bit No, wait I don’t get bored Here waiting for you. Come, don’t forget!I’m not afraid of lonely nights Only miss you a little bit absolutely stupid poem))) Just to keep warm))))

http://bit.ly/KogdaTyVerneshsya_mp3 you can listen to Petnikova you get back, probably will singsurat underfoot quietly fallen foliage Only vase bouquet of cornflowers and ears of corn dry —summer As a fragment in the mosaic of memory. When you get back, probably will livinghistory day and night, washing away doubt Wraith.I know that the storm will end for sure — calm You even in separation I close and very dear. When you get back, probably will watersmith, rowdy and in the back to push passers-by He is a song of grief, tearing at the last verse,With a carry And while postpone When you get back, perhaps the sun will Shine on the dew in the petals of your bouquet And berries of the forest aroma on the wicker dish When you get back there come summer

Who needs it — naive verses of revelation?In them past and present feelings only vague shadows.In words, if in the frame on film, frozen moments: Separation, the raptures of flight and the pain from drops stressed syllables — from the vaults of soul reflection,Sizes and rhythms are dictated by the thoughts flow.But the complex rhymes are always slipping vision,Leaving easy and making trivial the creation and so it goes, carried away inspiration,Under the weight of dimensions and rhythms, the rhyme of the doubt And because there is no case to worry and heart beating,can Not dare to write — not a talent you’re not a genius the Page to close and to leave no empty arguments Perhaps many this idea of “rooting” I Want to tell you: You write! Care — the temptation More, friends, you peace and warm creations!!!

I don’t love you— “I love you”… (Galina Belysheva)

I don’t love you— “I love you” — heart killed the word Syllables — only six — but like the avalanche. And under heavy ice — our the basis of dead silence my soul deafened. “I don’t love you” — became dark from the pain Before such a large — world fit in the palm. The wound hurts and burns, if you sprinkle salt. Only the pain — next to another — for fun. — “I love you” There is nothing worse as well, my love, recite out loud a sentence. Firmly and calmly of the past not sparing, if the grass is dry in winter unnecessary mowing. — “I love you” With wings closed, hiding from adversity, growing dark, flying feathers in late Autumn leaves (not to keep branches) falling on the earth is orphaned by the loss of Time, I believe, will heal our old wounds Slowly but completely the ice from my soul melts. The word “love” balm will wash the scars you Know, white wings on the site of the former grow Please do not identify the author and literary character. Poems written long ago.

The woman meanders an obsessive fly,You drove her lazily, stately,And, at times, see death by boredom.Only fly your indifference doesn’t matter. This woman’s conscience is completely lost.Behind you walks like a zombie.And seriously considers itself the ideal,Even now on the cover of “Playboy – the Smoking hot. This woman of honor and decency is alien,Like honey — to other people’s feelings.Under the guise of the outrageous, sincere friendship,corny is trying to Hide the abomination of harlotry. The woman: “Hello! I did not call? You didn’t expect?”The woman at the centre of any trouble.And humming, and her attention annoying.I’m probably gonna buy tomorrow sticky paper.

Freezing soul from the separation, longed for you, Leaving autumn in the summer happy bird. I thought you will be able in the palms of me to warm,To warm our senses, I wanted to collect the crumbs. Believed that such love is like a star,Would she, high, the weather the earth changes.And, once born, she will Shine always,Despite friends, enemies and the agony of betrayal from the faith I was blind, deaf, I walked at random,Look cold and your voice has become a stranger, not noticing. Even if a barrier to me was the snowfall, rockfall,nevertheless, believe that the us star will light. But, probably, off course I’ve strayed in a hard way,Or you fell out of love, and warmth that kept was cold, you Know, the old me never ever find, My favorite is loveless, know this. You so I don’t need!

Your poems fancy vasilena beck… (Galina Belysheva)

Your poems fancy vasilena beckons, mysteries disturbing.Worrying, they are looking for between us.And soft words — goosebumps In their whole world fits easily.And the first snow, and a shy smile.For memory they tied usercompany experience. Past mistakes. I timidly step by step prohouse that once you’ve experienced in the past.Each moment is very dear.The trust will not spook inadvertently. How much did you say in your poem!But I’m looking for just one word I read It in your eyes Say! And I repeat again

Not pozwolenie let me drown in dark thoughts, to leave golovoyu the maelstrom of the stupid insults, completely ignoring the obvious.So as not to repent after, not to suffer a late fault That executed the Love, excuses, find failing, don’t let me be sad, if long time no calls and letters.Absurd. Don’t let them to deceive me.And the clock stopped in the past, depend,And ambiguity of phrases istuplenno to find the essence. Not let me, you are expecting to lose their mind,don’t let foolish fears to destroy the hope, the dream to Help avoid committing insane acts,And oppressive to the heart again to feel the emptiness don’t let us to leave, even for a moment prior to the meeting.I have so much that you did not have time did not dare to say You’re leaving now leaving me in memory, navacelles, pain and anguish that froze in the dear eyes

God, how boring and dirty the Nov Bare branches, like crow’s feet.Grey mist, the path closing the lights,the chilly Dampness in the soul drop.Greedy stingy sun lucidum briefly just settle for illusions,If they were to change luciele the beginning of the spring preliminaries.A cloudy sunset as the reality of the finger.Time flies for winter and the cold,We heat not leaving hope.So the dream of spring — not serious. In the mind of the wrongs of the past will emerge,the Rain on his cheeks a network of paths will leave Look, you hesitated there!Because Dec get along hardly.

And all that in addition. Degreecertificate frowned March, it’s all nonsense,anyway, he is the Herald of spring.Endless day maete contrary,I Dream only good dreams.And no matter how harsh the winter was, How light the awakened life!The one you see now in the mirror,Maybe the heads of many to turn.I don’t need love the most best men,You are with me, and your heart sings! We are comfortable with you, even if silent. You trusted my happiness. Mood and tenderness fills the world,Fresh greens and purity And the high sky — transparent sapphire!Pours a light in the room Golden.Breathes the house in anticipation of celebration. Will arasely white openwork!Dear my family and drusiana closeness I cherish.There will be songs and jokes, and toast seriously We are alone Kissing gmelini whisper Sweet buds seventeen roses:happy birthday, child of spring!

http://www… (Galina Belysheva)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwzyw1gT-xkЯ burned his ships, though, and I swim awkwardly. And around two hundred miles not a hint of the shore there.I burned their ships, and with a wild frantic joy,as Though the fire I was the panacea for the evils and ills. I destroyed bridges, and looked then like falling down,Cutting off the way back if you suddenly want to you.I destroyed bridges, overpass, over the flyover, And, you know, I was then like this mess. Only at the beginning of the trouble down and out, then it gets even easier, all the little things, the Memory of hands, the memory of lips and words to share, to give away to strangers And remains irrelevant to us, the puppy ninetynine feel free to donate to the scrap. We are worse than other a spender?

Memory Lubiprostone ice green patrastel instantly under the gaze of the brown When all the soft warm freesmoke will sing verses Me your Wraith is not afraid.Don’t believe in it. You know, darling,don’t body without a soul in Spite of the prophecies of the Sybil,I’ll trust You fully.Give what is and what will be.And happiness warm volnovat the bitterness of our fate.Let her cry, black candle, And will is drunk in SIPS are Not alone we are now Rich in feelings, your sprouts.The pain goes into my “yesterday”.”Today” see the colors of the rainbow All the lies now as tinsel, Crumbled. Left the truth.I will save and sohrannost warmth, love, and trust.Candles magical’t let ognuna to bring to the alienation

We won’t say goodbye. We’ll pretend that separation,Just night sleep that fled with the dawn.She is inevitable, we allow love to sleep.If still sweetly asleep, our soft summer warm. Hush-a-bye sleep, our happiness, that bitter is not plakativ days, when in the distance you can’t breathe without each other In the vacuum of space, as in a cage, wounded bird That fought hard for separation outlined circle. Don’t be sad, my dear. I’ll be back very soon, trust me.We love as a child, waking up, give a smile Again autumn for us, the world would brighten his watercolors,And among the yellow leaves pave to each other the path

Well, that’s all. Now not trudnosti, when the eyes to lie open.Well lived a little bit in the weird tale.Hence, our orbit will go apart. To you for admission as fans of the cloud, “You wait, mA’am, not Your time”Well, how can this crush torture?Why do I need expectations a burden? And the room disappears on the palm,I Run out of turns stuffy.Though tears to the cheeks is not fun,I know I will need It better I will Not wait I will not blindly believe Your words and false assurances.I wide open the Windows, doors, get out all the random passengers!!!

I’d like to take and fix the t… (Galina Belysheva)

I’d like to take and fix the thread of the plot to Ismart all stupid and silly script.As in the movie, only worthy to love,Never to violate the existing rules.But life ain’t a movie, and love opracowaniem spontaneously — not to those who are worthy.But we live, and cast the verses And the open soul of carry in the palm. I know exactly what a jester is the best of kings,Let pulled his funny hat with bells.It is only in appearance, he is a dunce, fool,But juggling like balls — hearts.He will understand his soul, who looks you in the eye.There is sorrow hundred ways and old wisdom.So my choice is simple, if it is fair to say, a Clever buffoon, and not all the king’s folly!

When the longing takes me in its clutches,And outside the window the rain brings the song,When have not written poetry for so long When we were not together, Hear the quiet voice is your own,against troubles and bad weather —Like a rainbow “I LOVE you” in front of me.I hasten to you under these arches. Come the evening. The sky a blank canvas —it is the constellation for you to draw:”Love”, “Miss you” — together star bridge.Will go to you and the angel on the right hand. Our strange, we have created mirecourt, bright, clean, warm everywhere.And how much do I not give the fate of the roads,But that — to you — to always look for I will!

About you I tunes rustling foliage of spring,a Gentle warmth filling the may the song.There’s something in this song from the tender sadness Yesenin,And as if intoxicated, my head is spinning. About you a hot summer story-happiness write me,Put pebbles “Love” on a sandy sea shore.As the tide washes back all the feelings remain the Leitmotif in me: “can’t live without you, can’t!” About you autumn leaves you fold the poem is sad In it — partings and quarrels ridiculous, plenty of heads.And I again experienced acute pain feel.Rather let him go, with him taking sorrow. About you I will tell a winter tale-a true story wonderful,Where in the snow snowdrops, the first flowers.There you will see the Prince with his long-awaited Princess.And, of course, Prince should be you.

Go away winter, from x to d and! Getting cold hands and feel cold shoulders to Let him replace the rain come, let him wash the soul, heal From the resentment of a black, deaf from unnecessary stuff in your heart.Only with dirty water, I would not throw out the baby. I bid you farewell easily Subtly tortured You, steady hand, under my kroil patterns of the Soul, the will and my life, and then at random was made.A hundred times, the thrust to day, but this was not enough. Justifying bad stitching, poor quality material,Boiled it in a bucket in the cold to cool exposed. Just know, winter, law? Who didn’t die, he became stronger.All right, thank you There is a reason — a lot of now you can.

go to the emerald aprilina mee… (Galina Belysheva)

go to the emerald aprilina meeting with the spring will leave the emerald in April,where the wondrous smell intoxicating white Jasmine Let the troubles puts flowers in leafless snowstorm,And the memory of what once you were not like this. It’s like a bandage you put on the wounds and dreams.And the pain will dissolve, give you some inner peace.Disappear tension subtly ringing strings,the Frets only to improve his left hand. I’m not going to purr for your old motive.Songs and others will try to gently sing Your poetry pack — will be sent to the archive.They stopped me and cherish, and warming

Don’t tell me you forgot me,in your memory don’t exist,That vain letters parastacidae gentle, futile and wasted.Don’t tell me you forgot me.Don’t tell me all that you have.Take off your armor, raise your visor.Love is you cover with a new force,Because without it, the soul is already tired.Don’t tell me all that you have.Don’t say that without peace,Nothing disturbs and torments.I know that in his dreams nevolnomu wait again for our meeting case do Not say that without me quietly.

He was just sure she will never judge, Even if her wings to cut in the current fashion — As something to the eye without any fittings, and other preliminaries in Order to prove that in his actions he is free. He was just sure will cry and again smile, And wingless back cover, ashamed, stole Will have to wait at the door, if he happens to decide to come back After all the tearful tenderness not in a rush to the real men. He was just sure he will forgive all his antics, And heart wounds to heal again poems Lined leaf and stick of white plastic Will be best for her soul doctors. He was just sure about it don’t think bad, Even if the betrayal, the lies, the hatred obvious Checked her feelings, as an experienced master of dirty tricks, He was just confident knowing that the feelings were killed.

Now You’re An Angel, “Remembering Love”!I live as the illusory “Veles” years Later, I whisper :”Connie!!!”… ,novine echoed by the echo of your Heart – mellers!!! Through the ages I bear thee I will create a new, trust me, play it the same way as in the past, powerglove love for you will rise again My last image you saw in your dreams,whether you Learn in today’s obligato whose name a prayer on his lips —His Constance, Laura, Beatrice, I’m here Now. In my heart lightly, the letters are collected, the word “HAPPINESS”.Like the angel stretched out a wing,And troubles receded overnight

Not with You… (Galina Belysheva)

Not with You…On a white sheet, no letters, no lines,Only feelings lie oblique strokes As in a recipe: sticks, dots, hooks.Words disappeared I’m not with You not with You But I wouldn’t try to find them,Pulling rhymes from the heart ticks Let it settle, will freeze and die down again,Like when I’m not with You not with You And I would drop everything and rumble Vokzalnaya to dive in, forgetting about the sorrows of a Compartment, the curtains, the hitcher casual But echoed the wheels are not with You not with You Well cheeky so-catchy phrase Memorized, vdolblennye memory years All over the image blurry smeared But hell I’m not with You not with You

In our love there is no bit of common sense.If you think about it, what sense does it not.Empty bucket swinging on a rocker That does not believe in force after the familiar signs. Flushed feelings, and the burden is no pressure on the shoulders,the rhythm of the steps only the handle from buckets: swac-swac If you like, become too trusting,Well, in the eyes of others is just a fool. Straighten the back and corrode the foolish gentleness.Former naivety hard boycotted.By independent you prance Silently pass, if never knew worries

I prayed, prayed, prayed for You,In the lonely night I asked God To be the guiding star in the sky lit up,Illuminating You life the hard way.I prayed, prayed, prayed for You. I asked God for You Beregstal once the wrong way has not set foot To the Ariadne sped up the running,Reducing the miles between us prostrate.I asked God for You an Amulet. He will hear I know my prayer.May the soul of scratched sharp and rusty,Despising protective Your armor,my Pain goes off the highest octave He HEARD, I know my prayer.

Regret – don’t you dare!I, as an actress on the stage,Here under a sight of hundreds of eyes.With a smile on my face, in a tinsel glitter,Finale to finish now. Because my partner left the scene,do Not play the game for the last act.And the viewer, seeing the changes,Ready to forget the buffet, intermission Already the plot is uninteresting,the most Important thing intrigues salt —How to end the play,Its through the pain. I stand alone in front of the crowd.Burning cheeks of shame.I make one blush to admit that Wears a mask of ice. And I’m not supposed to be strong.Look! Silently I scream!Will flash a tear in the wings dusty,Akin to the last beam. Me, my viewer is a compassionate,take the time to regret.The show ended with dignity Letarov Ovation copper to Spare don’t you dare!!!