How little is necessary for th… (Galina Ahmatova)

How little is necessary for the woman for happiness,Warmth and tenderness, and sensitive participation,the Soul to believe that you are loved,Look you in the eyes and know irresistible!Delight feelings flight of inspiration,Sometimes without words, only touch,the warm Lips to her transparent skin,she closed his eyes, whispered: Thank you God, for sending us the generosity As I need it simple tenderness!”How little is necessary in the life of a woman and yet She needed so much, to always whisper: “THANK you, GOD!”

She woke up after a night of p… (Galina Ahmatova)

She woke up after a night of passionate, With a sort of unreal feeling, She was quite powerless quiet, air-weightless intoxication.Slightly swollen lips from the kiss, Pleasantly aching Breasts at the hands of loved ones, So sweetly smiling early in the morning, And the coffee was delicious, no reason.Transparent dawn was than usual, Looked at her eyes, clearer than before, Inquisitive,passionate,not even decent, And didn’t want to hide in clothes.

Lessons master classroomready … (Galina Ahmatova)

Lessons master classroomready whiskey piece of ice,the Tingling melting skusenosti,You don’t see passion in the eyes,don’t look that thrilled with love. Coffee breeze, cigarette smoke and sadness,words, Words sweeter to me for their absence,Confusing thoughts, nervously beating heart,Counting the time a brief farewell. Looking at a clear contour of sensitive lips,Catching the honed gestures of the fingers of a lady’s man,Always graceful, sexy, a little bit rude,I smile and take the lessons of the master class!

Happiness is Good evening! Hel… (Galina Ahmatova)

Happiness is Good evening! Hello! Two-zero-ten?Don’t leave, please pick up,I beg you to answer me just.Do not consider my question as a joke.Tell me: will there be happiness?And whether there will be joy in life?Because you want to advocatesthe happy, even just a little.A kind voice said to me: “At Midnight In new year’s glow of light.And under a sky full of stars,Will be waiting on the porch of the carriage”.Repeat! I can’t hear you!Well, please don’t be silent!Silently cry and poke at the keys,Nothing is more important than you know!!!I won’t fall asleep now in anticipation,I won’t be able to drink and or eat!The same voice:”don’t worry.Just believe that HAPPINESS exists!!!”

Can silent look in your eyes, … (Galina Ahmatova)

Can silent look in your eyes, without looking and feel the love! can silent hold your hand, smell her heat and feel the love! can silent lips to kiss like the image of your wrinkles feel the love! can burn , burn you with fire, to burn to the ground and feel the love! no matter HOW silent and breathe in unison, without words we know both so silent love!

I caress you poems and kisses … (Galina Ahmatova)

I caress you poems and kisses dots Our soft drink trying, finding out its between the lines if this is just me dreaming that we write romance a continuation,It’s just a rainy autumn disappeared in the poem.Maybe just your hands is not enough new sensations to write about love unexpected, overflowing with delights.Maybe WE are just desperate? We are the Mirage WE are the soul illusion,I will answer itself the silence in anticipation of the autumn prelude.

Resentment ridiculous voice pr… (Galina Ahmatova)

Resentment ridiculous voice protogene bitter words: Who needs me?”Crumpled and confused thoughts and speech,Spiky look and beat and maim.Buried in the pillow to go holowood blanket heavy to stay sobou,Went to the man’s heart neplacut,Dry eyes drill failure.You quietly fell asleep like a child tired,And I gently kissed you,the Bristles on your palm I ironed,Whispered softly: Well, how dynogen!”

One day I will come into your … (Galina Ahmatova )

One day I will come into your life forever,Just tell me that you need me very much.Maybe you haven’t asked, and I did not expect,Lost in words and other people’s dots once I come, as comes spring,Feeding you to the brim with the freshness of early,Touching the lips echoes sleep,And breathe hope into your soul wounded.I will come one day you learn the steps,breathing mother, this calm,open to meet green eyes,And smell the strands of familiar free.One day I will come to you drunk,Drowning in love and unrestrained affection,To the happiness of flying and the joy of singing,Releasing all the past in the casket for eternity.