What good to languish on the p… (Colleen McCullough)

What good to languish on the person, if it is still your never be?

The usual reverent fear eats strongly, it is understood only when first trying to break his years of bondage. (Colleen McCullough)

The characters they were very different, but many common tastes and inclinations, and when they taste diverged, the attitude to this tolerant: instincts told me to respect the strangeness of the other, and even appreciate the dissimilarity, otherwise the to each other would, perhaps boring.

No, she’s not a Saint, she is almost the same as all. Only never complains, is a very special gift – or maybe curse? – comprehensive patient. Whatever the loss, whatever blow struck, she meets them, takes all there is, and keeps, and nourishes the flame burning inside. What taught her that? And can we learn this?

From birth we have a lot of qualities;about owning some of them we do not even suspect.It all depends on which path intended for us by God.

he live a flexible mind and a straight face; and, moreover, a special gift: he always knows how to please others, regardless of whether they are pleasant or disgusting to him, he agrees with them or disagrees. He is not a flatterer, but a true diplomat.

Those who have nothing to lose… (Colleen McCullough)

Those who have nothing to lose, can attain everything, one who is insensitive to pain, nothing hurts.*** We can only give what we have, not more.*** No one in the world, whether man or woman, does not see himself in the mirror for what it really is.

She is beautiful, and all the … (Colleen McCullough)

She is beautiful, and all the beautiful gave him pleasure; and finally — he least of all was inclined to admit, she has filled a void in his life that could not fill the God because it is alive loving being able to respond with warmth to heat.Colleen McCullough. The thorn birds