You’re in an old book, smellin… (Lara Mishanova)

You’re in an old book, smelling of sand and sea.And letters from wind scattered awry somewhere.And I’m smiling. I barely even argue.How often you’re wrong and they do not want to give up!And I’m smiling. Breaking your barriers,are carefully. Circling, singing taneczna the threshold leading to the native durupt music of snow /and suddenly, finally, melt?/You’re in every pocket of my zapoloshnye lines.There is not one iota of vacancies and other places.And I’m smiling again among different-procamera choose. Once you are shooting accurately,the hunter and Stalker, and again got into the top ten.Come on good? I even scary to think that you lost again among different-all will be forgotten and to remember that eternity older.And I’m smiling. Legends compose the people.But, to outsiders, completely unaware okay!Our little island where someone loves someone where you’re smiling casually removed the armor.A certificate of publication 113082707249