You don’t want to know that Yo… (Marina Tsvetaeva)

You don’t want to know that You are such — like? Then say about him: “I love it! “— However — some — you know what that means.

Do not listen to music, listen to your soul.

I’m quiet, I don’t even look at you and I feel that for the first time — jealous. This is a mixture of pride, of wounded pride, bitterness, apparent indifference and deepest indignation.

I want to see You — now will be easily burned out and ill. You can come to me with confidence. I don’t believe everyone around me loved me more than You. From all You — I — always — dearest. That female pride in the face of human truth.

I can say my soul is how one woman on his the girl: “I have not skuchlivo”. I’m tolerating the separation. While the person next to me, I obediently, carefully and enthusiastically absorbed them, when it is not — a.

Idleness; the gaping void, with a devastating cross. So I — maybe — don’t like the country and happy love.

Not only do I not expect anything in return, I don’t even know if there are any I comes if given, and if it comes does to me?

No one not like me and I have no one, therefore, advise me something — is meaningless.

When people are so thrown by people like you and me — nothing to climb to God — like beggars. He has such a lot without us!

Go to bed in a coffin. And every morning — do — rising from the dead.

Nobody despises honest woman — as an honest woman.

I’m not for life. I have a fire! I can drive ten relations (a good “relationship”!), immediately and each of the deepest depth, to assure that he is the one. And the slightest turn of the head from myself I can’t stand it.

Marriage, where both good — brave, voluntary and mutual torment (jitelstvo).

The soul is the sail. The wind — life.

I ask, because the rejection of me, myself think horrible. Denial-I have one answer: silent — hail — tears.

The first victory of women over men — the story of a man about his love for another. Its final victory is the story of this other about his love for him, his love for her. The secret is out, your love is mine. And until then, we cannot sleep peacefully.

I don’t want to have a point of view. I want to have a vision.