Who are we looking for in the … (Galina Belysheva)

Who are we looking for in the reflection of mirrors?Someone best? Fleeing from temptation,Overthrowing those who were on the podium.But the prisoners of the stereotype of taste. Everything repeats itself: the actions and words.From the hackneyed phrases, weaving a web,Us déjà vu leads around the head,And we are pliable, under the hands of clay. Here, finally, came the illusions of the hour,an Example to beginners remains the requisite.Not noticing the brilliance of others cold eyes,We’ll drink for the love of the Cup that is broken. But if the mask is removed, it will what then?Crumble in the hour to pieces Moments of joy. To replace them there will be trouble.I mask not coming off, even with tears all wet.