When I'm living in the … (Al Pacino)

When I'm living in the world of luxury and celebrity, which is where I found myself for a large part of my life, it's a walk-on part. Not a vital necessity, like it is for so many people. I enjoy it but I can see right through it!

Agnetha Faltskog

Deepavali is my 'favouritest' festival. More than Pongal or New Year's, this is the time we all come together as family and celebrate.

Aishwarya Rajesh

Lenin was the first to discover that capitalism 'inevitably' caused war; and he discovered this only when the First World War was already being fought. Of course he was right. Since every great state was capitalist in 1914.

A. J. P. Taylor

I still feel that in India we look upon sports as a recreational activity – which it is – but people have to understand that there is a career in sports. It's not just necessary to be a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer, as most of us Indians appear to think that our children should grow up to be.

Abhishek Bachchan

You picture yourself as being 22 always, and so it's very bizarre when you're not.


I used to wear disguises, like hats and false beards, just to walk around and avoid attention.

Al Pacino