Want it all;Mother, why, I don… (Hope Kovalenok)

Want it all;Mother, why, I don’t ulubat and a bike to ride?And friends I don’t have a Why, they’re afraid of me? Why always sit in the stroller?I want to go with you in the Park,Want to hold colored paint,With my dad to walk through the Park. Want a tree to climb,Why not listen to arms?On the swings I would swing,And learn different science Mom, and I will be able to sea to swim,Can you give me a little help?How tired to see jalosti smile sadly at passers-by. I want like everything in school,proudly want to go back to school Mom what the word “share” Is that something to do with the chart? You know, today I saw a story,It was in the morning, at dawn.I ran with colors, without a wheelchair,And meet adults and children. Mom, they all loved me,And I didn’t need a stroller, Why so quickly forgotten?Just because it’s a fairy tale?