To renounce, to abdicate! To g… (Alex Poroshin )

To renounce, to abdicate! To go, summarizing the results. To erase this memory. Of cells, of thoughts, of veins. To dobitsya to achieve, to reach a state of grogg. Fall on your knees and live without getting up from his knees. Not see, not hear, not think, dropping shards of illusions, allusions, conflicts, religions and faiths. To score the charge in the barrels rusted shotgun and shout “To the barrier!”, finding a suitable barrier. To recant. To break up all the canvases, to destroy the sketches, etchings, prints, sketches, drawings, paintings. All the plays, remarks, poems, scenes, Reprise. Howl to get sick to sandwich, to go into quarantine. To recant. Not remember. To forget, to bury and to throw keys and master key, all doors closed on the locks. To break a mirror, reflecting fresh salt and pepper. To get drunk, to get drunk. In the trolley, in rags, in pieces. To dive in without looking hungover muddy foam, defying condemnation, anathema, gossip, rumor. Fade away, away, ruining your world But gradually you’ll come back? And, therefore, I will live.