To live in an era of change gr… (Gennady Volovoi )

To live in an era of change great. You have nothing, and BAM you earned on your apartment, then pawned it and bought shares Mavrodi and again without an apartment and shares. Earned money, put it in the Chara Bank, and the Bank went bankrupt, you are once again broke, and again apply a remarkable force to earn a livelihood earn… Again, but now the ruble is devalued and turned into candy wrappers! Imagine that you lived in normal times. This is boring!.. Live in an apartment, from which you do not expel for non-payment of utility bills, get a stable salary, the money in the Bank does not fail… And what will your heirs when you leave the property and any direction, at the same time, people are living in an era of change is left to the heirs and the debts of the Golden rules of life, how to live and not die in an era of change!