To be a woman — what does that… (Rimma Kazakova )

To be a woman — what does that mean?What a secret to possess?Here’s a woman. But you’re blind.You can’t see.Here’s a woman. But you’re blind.Innocent, blind!And the woman will be prescribed as ailing medicine doctor.And if a woman comes to himself only true,it comes as practicum, blockade and war.And if a woman of Prihodite about yourself starts talking,it is like a wire, conducts current,so that in thee light to light.And if a woman comes to tear you away from Affairs,she got results.Oh, how you wanted!But if the woman leaves,broken head bearing,it is still voditelskogo everything.And you, the one, true, the, best,you, too, — there, in the distance,sandwiched like a useless key,its sad Cam.She smile, tears hide,will alter the truth into a lie As you’re happy that you’re nutracea that losses will not understand.