“Three wishes,” I was lying in… (Vladimir Asmolov )

“Three wishes,” I was lying in the sun Not to move. Hard morning on the beach Without the nip! Fuck this life I Just do not understand! Suddenly — out of nowhere — the Voice pleasant. You lie, Ivan, lie down And do not harsh, like a cloud. And life is not sin — You, Ivan, lucky. Though yesterday and you were drunk — All the other drunker in the Morning, Ivan, yet wiser! Don’t be sad and don’t worry, I’m not Fihom. Three wishes I will fulfill your instantly. Who said that on earth there are no Miracles! Didn’t get to say: you Already pours! And desires had three, But not those in fairy tales. Three wishes I devoured their sausage. And then look around In search of girlfriends That graced the leisure of the Old drunky. Whose sweet voice Here rang so valiantly — But around the sand, And I asked quietly: Goldfish, do you? Face don’t hide me. No, Vanya, it’s me delirium Tremens.