Thoughts with the minority, in… (Baltasar Gracian )

Thoughts with the minority, in the speeches of the majority. The desire to sail against the tide just as alien to sanity, no matter how dangerous. Only Socrates could to this venture. Disagreement is perceived as an insult, since it rejects the opinions of others; the number of dissatisfied multiplies, some will praise what you judge, others will stand up for those who praise. The truth — the inheritance of the few, error is usually everywhere. In speeches on the square don’t recognize the wise man — is not his voice he says, and the voices of human folly, at least in the shower with her did not agree. Prudent no less disgusting to be contested, than to argue that he willingly hears the opinion of another, but not the crowd. Thought is free, above it you cannot and must not commit violations. Let it take refuge in the sanctuary of silence, and if they are to light, it is only for the elect minds.