This rain gives me uznetsov, s… (Lara Mishanova)

This rain gives me uznetsov, sit will make you tea with Jasmine Or drink wine. I was chilled — autumn Khmara No candles. Nothing. And the fire is not burning fireplace.The light flashes outside the window the familiar lantern I used almost. I can easily get used to the silence.”Let the whole world wait” before the November random snow.No need to rhyme: “I’m hopelessly bored,” Come, shut up You’re always too “petition” guest.So what I’m saying? Ah, Yes, you Can in a chair to climb to his feet,Warming the glass and wrapped in an old blanket.Will fall to blame. And rainy listening to scales,I’ll catch your gaze and will fall again to warm the prisoner Come in, sit down. You’re the only one. Only I. Only in the evening.Give me your hand. I’ll promise spring,love, poetry, and a fireplace, candles and silent Yes, I didn’t cry, no It’s the rain keeps me awake