They say love is reward?And ob… (Darius, The Son Of David)

They say love is reward?And obstruction, with pain in overweight And if it is not mutual,they Say, that confused the devil,say So much about her And chasing pigeons from the roof,Like children, lose their mind,Believe in fairy tales, the wings dissolving.And hovering over the mother earth Well, if you like only one,Not even Aladdin.This cross is dangerous,And suffering are best friends,Can be cut with a razor is dangerous,As once I did And the blood flowed hot,Taking in those distant lands Where there is no pain without it,And all the days are fine.Where there is no heart beating with nerves in tact,And where sex is just polach So, it is better for you to decide for yourself What and how for good,then do not regret the years!To get well again.Believe, love, suffer and wait,Let the heart beats, though, crying soul,This is life — and she’s GOOD ! (Darius, The Son Of David)