THERE IS NO CHILD TOO MUCH! Ch… (Alexander Tretyakov )

THERE IS NO CHILD TOO MUCH! Children — our lives the sequel-the Unsightly and sometimes bumpy.Children — our soul’s reflection,a Gift from heaven for love and joy.We set an example for little eyes.Wait! Sin no more, repent!After all, from words and from deeds nepravednomu the troubles they have in their youth.What is included — and will come to pass,would Increase the evil, good.Nedolyublennosti to worry about Hating myself absurd.The goodness grows strong.And when you handle stretch,Hold And years of zimniye not going to be one to grow old.Well, if the child is abandoned Like a rejected gift from the Almighty,Know that happiness is yours the beveled!THERE IS NO CHILD TOO MUCH! S. Tretyakov.2012