There are not many people f… (Adolfo Cambiaso)

There are not many people from top-tier venture capital firms who are focused on the seed stage.

Aileen Lee

You can tell if you're going to be into a script within the first five or ten pages – if I'm not completely engaged by page 20, I just have to give up on it.

Aaron Paul

Of course, I'm not allowed to talk about the script, but I can say it is a really good story.

Aaron Stanford

Mayo College, where I got my grounding, is a private boarding school. It is a traditional school with brilliant teachers including some from overseas.

Ajay Mehta

I hope it's not all I'll ever do, but I know I've played enigmatic characters. For me, the good characters are people who get places, are devious, are cunning and tricky and hard to pin down. Obviously, if you play one and you do an okay job of it, that'll be on people's minds.

Aidan Gillen

I want to finish high school, but that will be it.

Adolfo Cambiaso