The spell,”he who is everywher… (Nick Kharlamov )

The spell,”he who is everywhere persecuted, there is only one house, one shelter – beating heart of another person”. ( Remark)I’m in the long journey without worrying and plaintive words.and whisper like a scream, conjuring:be happy, loved, and healthy. Yes, bless you love moat lie of temptation,of passion, of vosanibola hypocritical,cheating faithful friend.from betrayal and nicotinesmoking with someone close.from indecision and cowardice,daring courage and stupidity.from heat and from cold, satiety and hunger.despair-misery,from human indifference.from loss of honor, pride,and petty meanness.from fanfare and downs,sins and transgressions.from Sumy and from prison,repentance without guilt.and bullet for the pain.from wandering and captivity.Yes, bless you my love. I in Russian three times caluwe furtive whisper: “don’t forget “I’m afraid that in time this too will be a long way.