The sons of machtool orphanage… (Love Podnebesova )

The sons of machtool orphanage meets OTKRYTOGO who guys wanted to see.Here mother came.— Son call.On duty today is Andrew Golden. -What son?-Gold Andrew.Convenience held his breath.And heart beat faster,But the boy trouble his won. -So it came out mother,Whom he has not seen any time?-But what to say to her?A child’s heart — a great wound.-And as the aunt to call my mom? Dressed casually, his face still washed down.Reeks of liquor from my mom like this.Andryushkino Andryushkino heart of rabbithood the meeting with a cherished childhood dream. — Andrew not in the house and soon will not be.Went with friends on a trip to Moscow.And the woman nervously package in the hands to operate Might go fill up again anguish. The boy in the pillow, buried my face, sobbing.Chest heart was beating like a hammer beating.Now, having seen his mother knows.This should not be the sons of a dream.