The ramifications that you … (Adam Gopnik)

The ramifications that you set for yourself can inspire you to do things that you would have never thought of because, once you're trapped, your job is to persevere.

Adrian Younge

I'm not very interested in myself. I do have a deep moral belief that you should always look out at other things and not be self-centred.

A. S. Byatt

Nobody trusts anyone in authority today. It is one of the main features of our age. Wherever you look, there are lying politicians, crooked bankers, corrupt police officers, cheating journalists and double-dealing media barons, sinister children's entertainers, rotten and greedy energy companies, and out-of-control security services.

Adam Curtis

I simplify the spices. I'm the same way as everybody else: if I look at a recipe and there's ten spices in it, I'm going to have to think long and hard about when I'm going to be able to make that… so I try to simplify the spices to three or four.

Aarti Sequeira

I hated 'Dilbert.'

Adrian Tomine

In bookstores, my stuff is usually filed in the out-of-the-way, additional interest sections.

Adam Gopnik