The preachers, as soon as the … (Hafiz Sherozi )

The preachers, as soon as the service importance of the mosque will do,In the pub quite another — secretly, so as not to be in the reply — will do.Even the wise do not understand: those that teach detachment all the people,the dismissal may be on the light would do.These new nobles Turk in mule draw. O Lord!Make them donkeys with their burden! Let them dance the whip will do.If you’re alone, I wish that you were served with the Cup of existence,It is in the secret temple of the Magi — so they said the Covenant would do.Her beauty is immeasurable and killing lovers, but they Otrodjas, her worship again and again in the environment for centuries covereth the money changers without knowledge with bling for bridles gemchugina confused! Can it be that once again they, like children, will do!”No, let him speak the verse of Hafiz, the voice of reason was heard from the height, And in memory let it in the night, they and dawn perform!”(translation by K. Lipskerov)