The only model to follow is… (Akkineni Nagarjuna)

The only model to follow is pure Islam.

Abu Bakar Bashir

There are very few who have the privileges I have, and, therefore, it is essential that we give back to society.

Ajay Piramal

I wasn't a kid growing up thinking, 'One day I'll get an Oscar and make a speech.' That wasn't on my mind.

Adam Sandler

My favorite prayer is Footprints in the Sand. You know that prayer? I know the times that he carried me, you know? I kind of wore him out.

Aaron Neville

Sometimes in life, things just fall in to my lap. I'm very blessed that way.

Aileen Quinn

Besides regular exercising, one should also take care of his or her daily habits such as adequate sleep and drinking lots of water.

Akkineni Nagarjuna