The naked truth about girls fr… (Irina Samarina)

The naked truth about girls from the Internet…Oh, the girls bring men from Undressing to his underpants,taking pictures, and then to the network,All the men want crazy in the face and back as If all at once given If from the ass, what then?People used to think mind And with whom you have to choose?Both sons would grow up the Girls full-full country,But in price only legs, back And men do not realize That the network you are looking for a wallet If you put bare bottom,Then no other coordinate Can have some Glory there are now studs and cowards!A person, the soul and the world inside,It’s not in fashion, look Remember you are the mother and father Enough to exhibit no end To the vulgarity itself, don’t lose it.Internet life don’t trust! Girl You give birth to children Daughter or son will go to a network of walking Will, tell, child, happy,having Met a cute mom naked ass?