The majority of our nobility i… (Sergei Witte)

The majority of our nobility is a bunch of degenerates who, in addition to their personal interests and satisfy personal lusts, did not recognize, and therefore concentrate all their efforts on getting those or other favors at the expense of people’s money, exacted from the impoverished Russian people for the public good In the late XIX and early XX century it is impossible to pursue a policy of the middle ages, when people are done, at least in part of its conscious, it is impossible to pursue a policy of unfair promotion of a privileged minority at the expense of the majority. Rulers who do not understand, are preparing a revolution that explodes at the first event. All our revolution took place because the rulers do not understand and do not understand the truth that society, people are moving. The government is obliged to regulate the movement and keeping it in the banks, and if it does not, directly and rudely blocking the path, then there is a revolutionary flood