The idea of combining the p… (Aja Brown)

The idea of combining the physics of modern particle theory with cosmology was very young when I started working on cosmology.

Alan Guth

I've made sure I am working hard enough to get that lead and keep it there.

Adam Peaty

Often we think love is a feeling: that you spontaneously experience it.

Alain de Botton

I'm a huge fan of the game. It's beyond a fringe benefit of obviously getting to work at the league office. I watch a ton of games in person, on television, on all forms of new media I follow the league. And so it's just beyond my wildest imaginations to me to now be the commissioner of the NBA.

Adam Silver

It's easy when you grow up in fear to act out of fear. I don't want to embrace that fear; I prefer to be kind.

Akhil Sharma

I knew I would work in a community that I would like to live in, but I had no idea that I would ever go into politics, even though some of my classmates thought I would.

Aja Brown