The essence of phenomena, year… (Konstantin Nikolsky )

The essence of phenomena, years string,the faces of friends and masks of enemies are Clearly visible and cannot ukrytsya the eyes of the poet — owner of centuries. The light of the distant stars and the beginning of the dawn of Life, the secrets and the mysteries of love,Moment of inspiration warmed by the sun, All reflected in the souls of the poet In the mirror world In the mirror of the world can see who and how he lived.See who is in the song a lie invested.See who wants to be all night.I have seen people help. The mirror of the world I have.I want to see — so don’t be afraid of fire.The fire now will I sing to my lyre.Pus people know there are good silab the mirror of the world. New morning — the good news.Good morning — a new song.Clear a path for me and obedient to me Lira.The voice of the poet again calls you zaglyanut mirror world