That day looking for you semen… (Injured Love )

That day looking for you semenology day looking for your replacement.Left. So I went racing.And, as befits a gentleman,because of the separation I will not shed tears. Found one. As you like!The genius of pure beauty.One problem — two words can’t not rude figure, as like you. Another. Did you not worse.First date in bed.But the poetry of it is bad. And jelaba and a few words to rhyme. And here’s another. Do not smoke any rubbish,Her less than you, obviously, years,Cooks in a good restaurant,But I’m hooked on scrambled eggs! Tired. Got exhausted. The forces at the end.Such melancholy — though topis in the pond.Calling you: You forgot the key, I think.Well, come back. I’m so looking forward to”