THANK GOD in the Morning in th… (Maxim Yakovlev )

THANK GOD in the Morning in the car were talking all that night, miraculously managed to avoid the accident. He went out to smoke in the vestibule, and was horrified, imagining what could happen to him and his family last night, in the cold, away from the city and drove from myself these thoughts. Inhaled deeply, sighed and smiled, looking at the sparkling snow, and said to myself, “Thank God.” And then he remembered that yesterday he stood here and saw in the window some station people waiting for the train, and among them someone’s figure, hunched against the cold. Go hobo or drunk, he thought then. And he turned to them, and (he saw) crossed several times the cars, obdulia his snow dust He still looked at the crank and chuckled to himself and shook his head, is the same Now, all these events are somehow naturally linked to each other. “Thank God,” he said again. And again suddenly a loud: “Glory to God!”