Suddenly, I remembered a wonde… (Stanislav Govorukhin)

Suddenly, I remembered a wonderful romance from the movie. Age theme is always painful, but here are somehow comforting. Probably because I love these verses Govorukhin.Say, Babi age — forty years. That autumn — orange dream. On this day I took my fun takes And forgot his phone. That was the end of my Babi age. How suddenly, how unexpectedly. But yesterday, suddenly, one man Looked at me, Oh, how strange. Autumn, autumn In her winter. Every day I hold particularly dear. I live, do not go also crazy with what is already I forty. That was the end of my Babi age. Didn’t even have to wonder. But yesterday I a person Suddenly tried in love to explain. Heart a frantic knock never goes away, But in my heart there is not a shred of anxiety. Never know Where the end of our road. There is no end my Babi age, For love is not measured time. Will be good news waiting At the tail of the merry magpies.