Sorry, I to You I – “tea” does… (Lara Mishanova)

Sorry, I to You I – “tea” does Not run? I will poloclub rarely sighing, Moscati flipping Your kind lines of Sorry, I to You to Mourn And warm And, maybe, to remember And to sail away with You Sail away to Hear the seagulls in the far backwater And dreaming, as always, about anything And touch the palms of the sounds And feel Your shoulder I – I’m serious, it’s not boredom I’m Sorry, I to You Just a minute just a little Because without You, I no Me without You and poems was not written Sorry I to You You the Slovan lose I’m so neighborly there to tea do You have? Oh, halva! Favorite “Bears-candy And of course Jasmine tea, I like to have a very hot Sorry I Accidentally