Sacred HEART dedicated Specraz… (Sasha Kladbische )

Sacred HEART dedicated Specrazmi — those thousands of centuries podrejeni axis rotates the copper gate, And each has the energy charge to cover the week the whole city! We’re flesh and blood, brass and silver. Yeah, we — Vice, and disadvantages of the mass.But we also, animal meat, sing, forgive, to do good, to Warm others, warm the hearts and hands for the Holy not he who prays fervently,And those who are not looking for evil around, Until edges remain merciful. You who is reading — you’re one of us, sacred heart devotee of special forces,a Part of himself — a single whole. Who sees the world not in the optics of the sight of the eagle who vigilantly and bolder the lion;Who in the heart is the main words:”Be good. Don’t turn around and don’t offend”. Anyone who sees the path of suffering marked, Who knows what our age is short-lived,But still availalility.