remember… (Ira Valley)

remember.. and better learn how password:sadness has a limit, and any pain can be overcome, just push off from the bottom. happiness happens, faith in him is needed!and do not try in vain to pick up the key to the heart of what is next to your silent.the strong cry, only the weak lie.remember, for every carrot, there is always the whip. instead of “drag” – cut from the shoulder, about the close and necessary people learn to be silent. each can be shot in the back, and the enemy to save, if you chose, you bear time does not heal, if you do not want yourself, even God left a love scar. know that each fear is the brake lever!thoughts is your prison but your home. empty is easier, but the essence is the same: for the important things in life the bitter price. I do not believe in the infinity of tomorrow, live “now”, but the truth is you will any in stock.look for the answers in silence, leaving the noise ________________________________and this is the last .that you write .