Puberty… (Natalia Bronskaya)

Puberty…our love, transition, probably, age. The character of the shrew: a rebel, tries to escape Then suddenly immersed in a languid invented the image, But often has a rather frightening appearance. Of course, we ourselves are guilty of such behavior, Often forgotten, well, there are supposedly is. And she needed care, attention, patience Teen-love — expectations, doubts mixture. It is difficult to cope with your and my indifference, the Eternal rush, work, fatigue, the works. She was so tired, that we just don’t listen to scream, do not Scream and yesterday she almost got away yeah, she had a transition, probably, age. Overly sensitive, touchy, not tell, And yet the vagaries of its we need if the air will Not be her and each other will not return.http://www.stihi.EN/2009/06/24/3520