Oh! To fly tonight, or what?Qu… (Lara Mishanova)

Oh! To fly tonight, or what?Question: on the wings or on a broomstick?Girlfriend-asterisk calls me at will Stretch hand a Month I’m without a run — up is not scary. Pierces the silence Fly Le-Chu I like here is such a rollicking “Oh! Well done!” herself shout Whims — away! Boredom — too!What am I, in fact, not be able?Clearing his Soul a little Dusty, it looks like All in a hurry, poor man raids And before her was not the case On the fly raced, wings drooping Tried to “look” Happy to be wanted Then stopped, zagruschu Fly, like in a fairy Tale with her, I don’t know where the Road will show us the ray of moonlight Raced past the stars-mash of the miracle pack And flashed the crowd from the clouds Prankster-the Wind messed up my bangs Beautiful was a crazy night!Soul flew with ryzheyu devchonkoy wings And a broom threw it away