NO HEAT Came friend… (Alexander Tretyakov)

NO HEAT Came friend. Brought wine.The two of us was crying all night, sigh.Oh, how she tired of being the one Friend nodded understandingly.Yes, it happens! Two toddlers and husband is teetotal Not family, but a fairy tale!But in the busy routine nakoda something happened and the flowers and affection.Come winter in a cozy warm house.For all invisible heart froze.Are not together but still together.Have all But the love was gone!Her words he was laughing at Her problem, calling it a whim!Why her “is that All? Why would she- “Like everyone else”?Life without heat worse than death even!Finishing his wine, friends embraced One married, the other single.Different destinies, but similar life.Life without love is like SERVING TIME! S. Tretyakov 2011