My strange women love wine and… (Andrey Orlov )

My strange women love wine and fun morning sex,My strange woman not in the movie, but in real life, find the context,My strange woman — positive, as the old Moët et Chandon,My strange woman’s condom is simply called a “motherfucker”. My strange women all slim like the horses of Arab blood,My strange woman not young, but beautiful from toe to brow,My strange women like “TRANS” and a slow rhythm-and-Blues,My strange woman gave me a chance and knew I’d fall in love. My strange women love flowers, which I do not know yours,My strange woman burn bridges even if the bridge is me,My country women wear perfume, from which the screw head,My strange women love poems and my love about My words, strange woman can sleep, at least from the gun Bay, at least call,My strange women are five to Wake me up to love My country women are not simple, and for that, I tolerate them,My strange woman is you and I all of them you love.