My inner world to know it’s no… (Lika Kugeiko)

My inner world to know it’s not just First think, and whether you want long voyage?If you crash, fairy island,you will be Able to heat, the sun tender and divine You will be like in heaven if you with reverence,Humbly walk the earth, unfamiliar, mysterious,I feel, without a word, unearthly attraction,I have been looking for, native and only If the road to my world be ashes strewn,And try to tear us apart evil forces,You betray, let knocks you the North wind,You will not go away, like a snow path did not bring Together the obstacles we go through, not Lomas, and soak,All the trials of life, human deceit,If you my inner world will come to know will survive,Will be ruler of the world — wonderful Kingdom