Make me Want to come true the … (Lara Mishanova)

Make me Want to come true the Most important of All, what you want Summer Soft, entangled in the eyelashes,I kiss you this night a Sleepy ray of light I cling to izgoloviye to Wake you until I’m gray I Just now its Love,Magic and, perhaps, a strange Mystery with a star twinkling somewhere near always Feel my touch, Make me get to Know me by sight In the country the Country Your Desires Iron shoulders I Warm my hands With fingers dropping kisses All the desires of today I will do Just make me that Make my country Your Salanity I will not lose hot air mixed the two breath You indulge my whims Take me to the land of Your Desires I’m a diligent student Teach me Each other the contemplation of the Tenderness are woven into the eyelashes-ha-let me