Love the dog /Uvarkina Olga/My… (Olga Uvarkina )

Love the dog /Uvarkina Olga/My old Jack fell suddenly, Struck down in flight, the arrow of Cupid.He knew a lot of bitches, But this life turned Not eating, losing appetite, Languishing like a slave, in nebolei bullet flying across the yard, Barely hear name is Lola And Lola — female — good, light On the eyes — “Provimi Union” As is, “noble soul”And the smell (a dog — delicious),Runs to the call, not feeling the paws, Saliva stream flows from the mouth, (As can be seen, each not slabosti the drama) But on a walk, somehow, have reservados a dog to smell And flair, then noticed Lelin “pass”In the grass with a pedigree Boxer Treason endured, My friend, as a true man:live Week, hanging wear old hunched back, But soon came winter, the world Covering blanket of snow, And Jack once again went crazy, Now the bitch with the nickname Lala