Life-hiroshimashi on the explo… (Alena Tishchenko)

Life-hiroshimashi on the explosion of emotion, on the verge of contact the worlds that your split once unified ego.You’re not asking for mercy and reset the hateful shackles of the state is equal to the death, the madness of the century.You looked crushed, but still want to live,you’ve got nine lives in reserve, let’s start with the fifth?It is a life — Hiroshima, which is not afraid to love,and to interfere with black tea I once hated mint.This life is not the beginning, and, it seems, again checkedaction phrases, which again has clouded my mind,you’re sitting like a disheveled North wind penacorada not a mother, but only one that will fill the stomach. It is a life — Hiroshima, there was nowhere to hide talebani nature of the layers of the tectonic plates.Will not help you neither the injection nor the antidote,you’re crushed, strangled and seems to be just killed.