I’m not strong, it’s a masquer… (Zlata Litvinova)

I’m not strong, it’s a masquerade, so I did not regret in a tearful gusts,I can live with the different weight loss without any noticeable mental breakdowns.I’m not strong, just do not like to ask and to beg of happiness on the porch feeling,I pleas love not wearing to the altar and fighting alone with a desperate sadness.I’m not strong, just now, not to tears, I myself banned it’s pointless to cry Because it is ridiculous to expect relief seriously overplayed on the soul continuous slush.I am not strong, just used myself to achieve, to solve, to understand the peaks,I don’t believe in some undertones, don’t dream about the past on the old ruins.Hope, help bodies and people telling me I’m the joys of fell a little,do Not suffer from lack of energy and ideas, I’m not strong, just weak, tired.